Xingtai elite enterprises visited the first big data business of the global car

A successful business must be a brand master.

Shenzhou Special Car is the Internet travel brand launched by China’s leading car rental chain company Shenzhou Car Rental and third-party company UCAR. As a newcomer to change the way people travel, the brand is the main brand "safety & " anytime, anywhere, special car, become a dark horse in the field of cars.

Shenzhou Special Car is a professional business travel service platform for business vehicles. The use of mobile Internet, innovative transportation service mode, and integration of market resources have a positive impact on meeting and improving the diversified travel demand services of the citizens, and promoting the government to strengthen the effective management of resources and promote the intelligent construction of traffic in urban areas.

Behind these, the Shenzhou special car has another identity —— big data company. The Shenzhou special car launches the GSFO system through advanced technologies such as big data and cloud computing. Through this system, each city map can be divided into hundreds of grids. Through machine learning, when supply and demand are unbalanced, the capacity can be allocated for the first time. Vehicles in surplus areas can quickly achieve a balance between supply and demand in areas with insufficient capacity, improve operational efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

Since its official launch in January 2015, the Shenzhou special car has been opened in more than 60 cities nationwide and has become the first 26 companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu and Hangzhou. Second-tier cities have obtained the network license car brand of the operating license.

On July 22, 2016, Shenzhou special car company —— Shenzhou UCAR listed the new three board, became the first global car, the first three shares of the new three board industry. The B2C model car company, although the latest entry, but the first landing in the capital market, Drip, Uber and other opponents behind.

Internet and informatization are bringing a new round of technological revolution. “The Internet is an industrial application and it is an industry reshaping. The combination of the Internet and car travel has greatly changed the way people live their lives and reduced the operating costs of the market.

On August 29th, 2017, the business media group will join hands with the 100-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine to jointly launch &ldquo Shenzhou Special Car: The first big data business elite of the world special car to visit, will lead the small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the Shenzhou special car, learn the innovation road of Shenzhou special car.

Internalization in the heart, externalization in the line. Shenzhou special car is the Internet upstart, the first brand of business car; one hundred years old Cangzhou old age wine is one of the five major products of Luzhou Laojiao, the first brand of elite business wine; business media is one of the most influential financial media in China It is the first wisdom and resource platform for SMEs. The three are in perfect harmony with each other and are the favorite products and brands of elite business people.

The business media group and the 100-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine launched a “elite and famous enterprise visit, aiming to build an interconnected platform for entrepreneurs and truly serve the elites. Enhance practical combat capabilities, broaden cognitive boundaries, make business easier, and make business easier.

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