Xiaomi Tao promoter!! Xiaomi Tao Blockchain Social New Retail Platform

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Xiaomi Tao Blockchain Social New Retail Platform

Scene Valley and Bendao Group’s Two Billion Enterprises Create

Invest 398 yuan Send the equivalent gift package, that is, become a business partner, and give 398 peach coins at the same time

Directly push one person to give 1000 peach coins, which can be cashed or retained.

Directly push 5 entrepreneurial partners, the team can be upgraded to a dream partner with 30 entrepreneurial partners, then recommend 1 person to give 2000 peach coins, and enjoy the unlimited generation of partners under the umbrella

Directly push 5 dream partners, the team will be upgraded to a star partner with 1000 people, then recommend 1 person to get 2,500 peach coins, and enjoy the unlimited number of partners under the umbrella

Xiaomi Amoy promoter!!

Witness the capital of the new sword

Han Shu, vice president of Chen Shuxin

Alibaba, lCD, Zhao Xiaozhou

Zhenguhua, founder of Micro Valley Holdings

The limited number of honey coins issued in the world is 10 billion pieces, and they can participate in the platform profit dividends. They become the shareholders of Xiaomi Tao written on the blockchain. The honey coins are replaced by 0.1 yuan/piece in the early stage. It is expected to be in June. The international trading market has a hundred times of value-added space in the later stage of the market

On May 20th, Xiaomitao Global Conference held the Zhejiang Provincial Party Secretary in Hangzhou Scene Science and Technology Valley to unveil the brand and open the real earning mode

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