Xiaomi Tao National Hot Recruiting Shopkeeper–Guangzhou Team

If you are a migrant worker who wants to change your destiny, join Xiaotaotao to make yourself a color, Xiaomi Tao is a new opportunity for your counterattack

If you are a young person who wants to start your own business Join Xiaotaotao to make yourself a color. Xiaomi Tao is a good project for your successful business.

If you are a baby with a baby at home, join Xiaotaotao to make yourself, Xiaomi Amoy is the beginning of your destiny.

If you are just getting started, join the little honey to make yourself, Xiaotaotao is the cradle of your rapid growth

You are a big coffee with team strength, join the little honey to make yourself, Xiaomi Tao lets you start a new era of social new retail,

If you are a showcase for the micro-business bottleneck Join Xiaotaotao to make yourself, Xiaomi Tao is your heart-saving pills

Xiaomi Tao firmly believes that as long as the pay is always rewarded.

We work hard because we look forward to tomorrow will be better;

We accept our opinions humbly because we need too much success;

398 a set of spree, Nuts, toiletries, skin care products, you can pick, spend the money, earn unexpected income, small investment, big return, no one because 398 yuan dumped a house ‼️ but some people because of 398 yuan fate Change ‼️

“小蜜淘实体➕New Retail & #10133; Blockchain ➕ Social new mode 4.8 days of internal testing, by the three billion-level enterprises Longliqi Group, China Scene Technology Valley, Bendao Group invested heavily to build, brand endorsement, strength guarantee, select the world High-quality products, providing consumers with real “easy to use, high-quality, cost-effective products!”

Consumption is a partner, peach & ldquo; Amoy, the income is inexhaustible, sharing areas Blockchain Era trillion e-commerce dividend, 2018 steady earned, step by step win ‼️


Consumption is a partner

100% Peach Rewards for Your Consumer Goods

Get 50% Peach Reward for Shares of Consumers

Venture Partners

Promotion Conditions: Consumption 398 yuan, you can become a business partner

Get a 398 yuan entrepreneurship spree

Get 398 peach rewards

Get 100% honey for your own consumer goods Peach Reward

Get 50% Peach Reward for Shares of Consumers

Recommend a Venture Partner to Receive 1000 Peach Coins (100 Yuan) Reward

Dream Partner

Promotion Conditions: Directly push 5 people + team 30 people

Get 100% peach reward for your own consumer goods

Get shared 50% of the peach rewards for consumer goods

Directly launching a venture partner to receive 2000 (200 yuan) peach rewards

Recommending a team of entrepreneurial partners to recommend entrepreneurship Partners, each can receive 1,000 (100 yuan) peach rewards

The recommended dream partners recommend entrepreneurial partners, each can get 200 (20 yuan) peach rewards

Holding a peach Can participate in the platform profit dividends, become a small honey Tao shareholders written in the blockchain, the peach coins in the early stage according to 0.1 yuan / replacement, a hundred times times the value-added space in the later period, into the group to understand the reply 1 / Xiaomi Tao official website national market Report Center Micro Signal: QQ9968134

On April 11th, the World WeChat Conference Xiaomi Tao announced the Xiaotaotao project for the first time

At the end of June, Xiaomi Tao went to the international trading market

Started on May 20th Conference

In July, China’s second legal digital currency trading center was listed in Hangzhou, and Xiaomi Tao became a business company

Opening a global partnership at the end of July

10 Xiaomi Tao 2.0 was officially released in the month, and the new retail plan was officially launched.

December Xiaomi Tao Commendation Conference, Tourism Conference

Xiaomitao new project, the 17th row is registered, and May 20 is officially launched

Under the unilateral market,

Xiaomi Tao blockchain new gameplay

WeChat: QQ9968134

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