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The Central Committee of the Ministry of Political Affairs and Social Affairs, At the fifth meeting of the National Committee, a proposal was made to promote the green travel of electric bicycles.

The proposal states:

Today, the number of motor vehicles has increased dramatically, urban road congestion has become increasingly serious, and environmental protection issues have become more prominent. Low-carbon, green, and environmentally friendly modes of travel are the general trend. At present, the electric treadmills that are different from electric motorcycles, electric light motorcycles and ordinary bicycles are smart electric bicycles that are driven by a combination of human and electric power. Promoting the green travel of electric treadmills is conducive to the development of green transportation, promoting community livability and building an ecological city.

The proposal also emphasizes the advantages of electric treadmill travel:

First, it is lighter and safer than electric motorcycles. There are many electric two-wheeled vehicles produced in the name of electric bicycles in China. Their use characteristics are not bicycles but motorcycles. These vehicles use electricity to support the power to keep driving, with a weight of 70 to 80 kilograms and a maximum speed of 50km/h. There are certain traffic safety hazards. The biggest difference between an electric treadmill and an electric motorcycle is that it is powered by electric power. Through the torque sensor, the rider feels the strength of the pedaling and constantly adjusts and provides corresponding power support. It has a weight of only 15 kg and can bear hundreds of kilograms. Compared with electric motorcycles, electric bicycles are small in size, light in weight and safer to ride.

Second, it is more comfortable and convenient than traditional bicycles. Compared with traditional bicycles, electric bicycles use the same strength during riding, which can reach 2-3 times the speed of ordinary bicycles, making the rider easy and smooth, especially in starting, uphill, upwind and long distance driving. . The electric bicycle rides a longer distance. According to the commute distance of about 5 kilometers per day, the electric bicycle is more suitable for commuting people who commute to and from work. It can better serve the daily routine of residents for business, shopping and dining. Distance travel.

Third, lower carbon and environmental protection than motor vehicles. The annual output of China’s automobiles has already exceeded 20 million. In 2016, the output of automobiles reached more than 27 million. According to this speed, 300 million cars will be available in three to five years. A large number of cars are used in cities, and their social costs due to fuel consumption, exhaust emissions, and traffic congestion are high. Compared with bus, taxi, self-driving and other modes of transportation, the electric treadmill is powered by human and electric power, does not emit pollutants, and is safer and more environmentally friendly.

The proposal also recommends:

First, strengthen the research and development of electric treadmill technology. In China, electric treadmills are still new products. At present, there are few enterprises that master the core technology of electric treadmills. According to the market and consumer demand, product upgrades should be gradually realized, and breakthroughs should be made in the core technologies of complete vehicles and key components. .

Second, the electric treadmill will be included in the support industry for green travel. Research and development of policies and measures to support the development of electric treadmills, promote the healthy and orderly development of the electric treadmill industry, and form a dominant industrial cluster.

Third, the electric treadmill will be included in the urban public transportation system. The electric treadmill is included as an important supplement in the urban public transportation system as a comprehensive planning for the slow public transportation system. Encourage people to use the electric bicycle more to complete the daily short-distance travel and bus connection.

In August 2017, the Ministry of Transport publicly replied to the proposal.

The answer confirmed the positive effect of electric treadmills on the development of green transportation. At the same time, the Ministry of Transport said that it will strengthen departmental linkages, guide local relevant departments to do a good job in implementing the Internet rental bicycle policy, and encourage relevant cities to guide operators to launch service products such as electric treadmills that meet national standards, and create a good environment for the development of electric bicycles. .

About the Fifth Session of the 12th National Committee of the CPPCC No. 4141

(Communication and Telecommunications No. 381) Letter of Proposal Reply

Central Committee of Jiu San Society:

Your proposal for promoting green travel of electric bicycles is received by your organization. . The reply is as follows:

Your organization systematically analyzed the advantages of electric treadmill travel and the feasibility of promoting the green travel of electric treadmills in the proposal, and proposed the inclusion of electric treadmills into the urban public transport system. Our department will study it carefully.

As stated in the proposal, the electric bicycle as a bicycle driven by human power and electric power is different from ordinary electric bicycles and has a positive effect on the development of green transportation. In recent years, some cities have explored the use of electric treadmills as a form of service products in the process of developing Internet rental bicycles (commonly known as “shared bicycles”), which has been welcomed by users and facilitated the public’s short-distance travel. It is important to connect with public transportation and to meet the needs of the public, to effectively solve urban traffic, “last mile problem, ease urban traffic congestion, and build a green travel system”.

In order to encourage and standardize the development of Internet rental bicycles including electric treadmills, our department will cooperate with the Central Propaganda Department, the Central Network Office, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, and Housing. The Ministry of Urban and Rural Construction, the People’s Bank of China, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and the National Tourism Administration form a joint working group, which comprehensively sorts out the policies that have been issued or the drafts of opinions solicited, for 36Xincheng conducted a special survey, organized a network questionnaire survey, and jointly held symposiums at different levels, such as local competent departments, Internet rental bicycle companies, experts, scholars and users, and listened to opinions from various parties in various ways.

On this basis, our department and the relevant departments jointly drafted the “Guiding Opinions on Encouraging and Regulating the Development of Internet Rental Bicycles” (hereinafter referred to as “Guiding Opinions”) for comments, and on May 22 From the beginning of the day, the public is open to solicit opinions. The consultation work has received wide attention and active participation from all walks of life, laying the foundation for research and improvement of policy documents. At present, we are working with relevant departments to study and absorb opinions from all sides.

In the next step, we will further deepen our research with relevant departments, combine your suggestions and seek opinions from the community, and further revise and improve the “Guidance Opinions” to strive for early stage. At the same time, strengthen departmental linkages, guide local relevant departments to do a good job in implementing the Internet rental bicycle policy, and encourage relevant cities to guide operators to launch service products such as electric treadmills that meet national standards, and create a good environment for the development of electric treadmills.

Thank you for your attention and support to the city’s transportation industry.

The compliant electric bicycle was first encouraged by the traffic control department. From the detailed interpretation of the original text, it must be made clear that the premise of encouragement is that the vehicles that meet the standards must meet the following criteria:

Foot pedals must be provided to support labor. Power

The electric bicycle is different from the ordinary electric vehicle. It is a smart electric bicycle that uses a hybrid power supply of human power and electric power. Must have a good pedal riding function, the distance travel distance of 30min should be no less than 7km.

Do not exceed 20km/h

The speed range of the electric bicycle needs to be strictly compliant. The maximum speed should be less than 20km/h when the vehicle is energized, and the noise at the highest speed for electric uniform riding. Should not be greater than 62 dB(A).

Battery The continuous output power should be no more than 240W

The rated continuous output power of the electric bicycle should not exceed 240W. The battery should have good sealing performance. Under normal installation position, there should be no leakage during charging and discharging. Phenomenon, the continuous mileage after a charge should be no less than 25km.

The weight of the vehicle should be no more than 40kg

The weight of the whole vehicle should be no more than 40kg.

Brake and power-off device needs to be loaded

The electric bicycle should be equipped with a brake-off device, which should automatically cut off the power when braking.

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Benefit 4: No parking deposit, your venture capital Not only can you use it in this car when you are traveling, but your vouchers can also be cashed in 1:1, and you can also share all the GM’s life in the future shared car, smart market, etc.

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The second wave of Xiaomi Life Circle

[Shared Motorcycle]

At the end of August 2017 At the beginning of September, the bicycle was put on the market

On July 14, Xiaomi Life Circle and Jiangsu Green Coffee Electric Vehicle Factory reached a strategic cooperation, the first batch has been put into operation 5,000 units, and it is expected to be put into the market from the end of August to the beginning of September

July 18 Xiaomi living area and flew Group (Tianjin) factory contract, entered into a collaboration! Group flew electric car was named the national environment-friendly vehicles. With 300 sets of production per day, it is expected to produce 50,000-50,000 units in the national market.

VIP can have the right to subscribe, 3,980 yuan/set.You can hold 70% of the shares. For 3 years, you can get the income every day, see and get it.

Xiaomi Life Motorcycle meets the national 4 standards:

1. The speed limit is 20 km/h; /p>

2, can’t carry people;

3, with pedals;

4, each motorcycle is equipped with insurance;

The third wave of Xiaomi Life Circle

Sharing Cars Dangdang

Surrounded by Rural Areas and Towns City, make up for the blank area of ​​the trip, special car

The fourth wave of Xiaomi Life Circle

[Smart Farm]

The characteristics of the shared smart farm are: farm dishes, green leaves, from the farm to the farm to your kitchen. The intelligent farms distinguish between dirty, stinky and chaotic phenomena. You can enjoy the food in the market without smelling mixed smells. In many high-end residential areas nowadays, after 80s, 90s and 00s, I hope that I can enjoy the success without going to the market. Then, in the smart market, you only need to open your mobile phone to place an order and send it directly to your home within five kilometers.

[Planning and Vision]

In 119, 1 million motorcycles will be realized and 10 Wantai shared car launch, intelligent farm renovation and cooperation 500. In 2020, we will fully realize the smart food market in second-tier and third-tier cities. A round of B rounds C round D round E round financing will be realized and will be listed on the domestic main board and the Australian Stock Exchange.

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