Wrong Peak Tourism Chongqing Ordovician Scenic Area Play all the high-altitude projects and skiing in one day

In the Ordovician section of Chongqing’s Hongjing District, how many people are playing all the items in one day, and returning all the fares?

Only in the future, it’s the day to play the Ordovician Good time for all projects, starting next year, I am afraid I can’t do this. “Lucky. —— The Ordovician scenic spot with too many items added. Once it enters the passenger flow, it will be difficult to finish the day.

Xiaobian at the end of November in the Ordovician scenic area to test the day to play the Ordovician thrilling network red project + two major snow and ice projects, dawn, dark home, wrong peak travel, proper Play to yo.

More than double the fun-playing project

In the first half of this year, the Ordovician Scenic Area has “Nine High-altitude Projects, which include Net Red’s Cliff Swing, Extreme Leap, and Create a Guinness World Record sky hanging gallery, the first glass suspension bridge in the southwest.

After the fire suddenly broke out, the Ordovician scenic spot added a new project to the cliff at the end of this summer, such as using the height of the cliff to go up and down; the cliff machine, the edge of the cliff rotates; The swaying screaming screaming on the edge of the cliff rises to a cliff swing of 21 meters, and a glass ladder that is more horrible in rainy days.

At the same time, the first 360-degree rotating pendulum in the southwest, a group of people are calling the pirate ship. There is also a moment of bombing the sky like a cannon, and the stimuli are no less than the project on the edge of the cliff. The high-altitude project is close to the collection in the Ordovician scenic spot in September this year.

After adding these projects, the Ordovician Scenic Area is the first to open the first ski resort in Chongqing this winter, and the only ice sculpture kingdom that can play ice projects. In the first half of the year, people who went to the Ordovician scenic spot saw the circle of friends who recently went to the Ordovician scenic spot, and exclaimed that they had gone to the fake Ordovician scenic spot — — too many projects have not been played.

This year’s eleventh holiday, the cliff swing of the Ordovician scenic spot, queued for half a day, can play half of the project a day is not bad. After entering the traditional off-season, the Ordovician scenic spot, which was blessed by two major snow and ice projects, suddenly ushered in the most cost-effective month. More projects than in the past can be finished in one day, which is rare.

There are skills to play through the project one day

In November of the Ordovician scenic area, how can I play all the online red projects?

This requires skill. Xiaobian’s gameplay, for your reference:

Choose a non-weekend time, be sure to leave before 8 o’clock in the morning, arrive at the West Gate of the scenic spot before 10 o’clock, do not go to the most net red 21m and 18m cliffs Swing queues, you can first smash the new high-altitude project with the hopping machine, the high-altitude flying and the cliff screaming, and the sky hanging gallery in one hour. These projects are only a few tens of meters away from each other. Play yo.

Then, go to the snow and scatter a wilderness! The dinosaur ice and snow world is the earliest open snow project in Chongqing this winter. The snow created by the Ordovician has accumulated 1 meter deep in a 10,000 square shed, snow machine 24 hours of uninterrupted snowmaking, can shoot on the scene “Snowflakes flying in the sky, skiing, you can experience skiing here, you can not rent equipment to play snow.

The Ice Kingdom is also the original creation of the Ordovician Scenic Area. The ice sculpture here can not only take you from the shooting, but also Play —— slide out with ice, you can slide down from a height, record a small video, everyone will think you are in Harbin.

After two hours of ice and snow project, you must be hungry, hurry to find a place to eat something, pay attention, don’t eat too much, after eating, choose to walk to the middle door, you can digest it, Because there are still many projects in the afternoon that will make you fall into the sea!

The afternoon appetizer is a pirate ship, and most people will feel that this test is relatively low.

Digested almost, you can come to fierce: the catapult, suddenly ejected people into the sky more than 20 meters high, the seat has to follow the flip, Xiaobian is exactly scared.

The first 360-degree pendulum in the southwest is also a guts killer. This project, known as the scream collector, is 360 degrees in revolution and rotation. It may not be stable after the strong man!

After you have finished playing, you can play any slide at high speed and speed skating, walk through the glass suspension bridge and return to the West Gate, at this time 21 meters. There are already fewer people waiting in line with the 18-meter swing. You are here to find a small number of people, and you can safely line up for more than an hour. Experience the Ordovician’s “The King of the Cliffs!”

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