Winning the inaugural award as a smart and elegant design for university building

So come to end the annual award for our inauguration. No one is quite prepared for the excitement and responsiveness of this class, attracting an amazing array of entrants, from the grassroots, high-tech mobile boulder to the level produced by the small and sustainable building shells that sparkle in the desert. Grace our judging panel by several leading minds of the profession, including Paul · Dr. Kalkhoven’s Mikkel Kragh, Stephen Light, David · Richards and Steve · Watt. While the scale and technical complexity are safe enough for some of the facades on the list of places, this is a moderately sized, unobtrusive environment that has won the heart of the panel: Guy Hollaway Architects Burst Building Project, at Kent University in Canterbury campus.

Each judge admires this gleaming revolution, in addition to the original monotonous university four, using natural wind energy and thousands of dynamic aluminum crucibles. The wing gracefully reflects the constant flow of the following steps.

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