Why is the floor market so cool?

At this stage, it can be said that the flooring industry has developed to a certain extent, approaching maturity, but there are some strange phenomena, that is, the flooring industry business has not been prosperous in the early years.

Even in the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day and other traditional peak seasons, the sales of the flooring market is still not improving. There are even experts predicting that the future flooring market will only be more deserted because there is no sign of a ‘turning point’.

Moreover, consumers also found that after the holiday, some home shopping malls are still doing festival activities, but the holiday promotion has still not touched the hearts of consumers, the home market is still flat and deserted. Although there are more people coming in, the actual transaction volume is not large.

According to reports, starting from July 2014, the merchants began to be disappointed. Although the summer is the peak season, but the store is deserted, the traffic is also rare, until the Mid-Autumn Festival in September did not change much, so everyone hopes for the National Day, but the performance of the National Day is obviously not very optimistic. The floor market is cold and can’t be cold anymore.

Faced with the coldness of the home market, some insiders believe that there are three reasons. First, the price of raw materials for flooring rises, and the price of raw materials rises, causing the price of flooring to rise. The higher and higher prices also make consumers discouraged. .

Second, frequent promotions are causing the attraction of festival promotions to be weakened. If there are activities in the week of the store, there are activities in the month and month. Today, there are activities to see, there are activities to see tomorrow, and you can come in at any time. Discounts, then consumers naturally will not push the holiday promotion.

Third, the property market and the flooring industry are inextricably linked, affected by the regulation of the property market, the flooring industry is also suffocating, gray face.

It can be seen that frequent promotions can not solve the situation of the floor industry is deserted, it is not feasible to reduce consumption by price reduction, promotion and marketing, the word is very different. Floor businesses should still spend more on marketing, rather than simply cutting prices.

Release date: 2014/10/17 9:38:02

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