Why did China’s middle class swarm to go to Japan to buy toilet seats?

There is no sunset industry in the world, only the sunset business and the sunset. From the expansion of quantity to the breakthrough of quality, it is the last mile made in China. “The future made in China is not in the other place, but only in the —— can make exciting products, so that our middle-class families do not have to go over the ocean to buy a toilet lid.

This year’s Blue Lion’s annual meeting of executives flew to Okinawa, Japan. I flew a day after attending the Jingdong Annual Meeting. The plane just landed at Naha Airport, and it’s already hot in the WeChat group. Shopping weather: The friends are crazy in the duty-free shopping mall, and someone bought six rice cookers in one breath!

Traveling to Japan, holding a rice cooker back, it’s been fashionable for a while. Fashion, a few years ago, in Akihabara, Tokyo, the streets are full of Chinese tourists with rice cookers. . I was quite puzzled by this. “Is Japan’s rice cooker really amazing?” Just over a month ago, I went to Guangdong to give lectures. By the way, I visited the beauty product store. It is the largest rice cooker manufacturer in the country. I asked the accompanying engineer Zhang for this question.

The engineer hesitated for three seconds, and then told me sincerely that the inner casing of the Japanese rice cooker had great innovation in the material. The cooked rice was crystal-clear and would not be sticky. It was really good. “Sometimes when we go to Japan, the leaders will quietly let us come back one or two.

“ We can’t solve this problem on the material?

“ There is no way to find it yet.

Founded in 1981, Midea began to produce rice cookers in 1993. It cooperated with Sanyo of Japan to introduce the fuzzy logic computer rice cooker project and gradually became a leader in the domestic market. In recent years, with the reversal of market share, the competition and cooperation have undergone subtle changes, and Japanese companies have become more cautious about the technological output of Chinese companies. “Many home appliances with new technologies are not only technology-oriented to Chinese companies. Blockade, even products are not exported, such as rice cookers.

That is to say, for many years, the post-development strategy pursued by China Manufacturing and using the market-for-technology has been ineffective.

This kind of scene does not only happen on the rice cooker. From the shopping list of these sky blue lion executives, you can see the facts under the iceberg ——

I bought a hair dryer. It is said to have adopted nano-water ion technology. There are girls who do hair-blowing tests on the spot. “The half of the hair that has been blown is fluffy and smooth, unlike usual.

Many people buy ceramic kitchen knives. It is said that the wear resistance is 60 times that of ordinary steel. “It’s a cool thing to cut the meat and cut the vegetables. It’s easy to cut things neatly with less than half the strength of the previous ones;

People bought a vacuum flask, stainless steel vacuum double-layer insulation, cup gallbladder ultra-mirror electrolytic processing, it is not easy to adhere to dirt, the cup cover has LOCK safety lock, which makes the sealing effect better. This enterprise has a history of one hundred years of insulation. ;

Many people bought electric toothbrushes, the latest one uses LED ultrasonic technology, which is half lighter than German Brown, and the bristles are more supple, suitable for Asian oral use … …

What surprised me the most is that Three people bought the five toilet lid.

This toilet cover is not cheap at all. It is priced at around RMB 2,000. It has antibacterial, washable and instant heating of the seat. The biggest “pain point is that it is suitable for all styles”. The toilet is installed on the toilet, and the Japanese salesperson of the duty-free shop said with a Chinese look and a mouthful of Chinese language, “as long as there are Chinese tourists, they will buy out the goods every day.

The Naha Airport in Okinawa is small and exquisite, and the scale is comparable to that of the medium-sized city in the country. More than 30 people from the Blue Lion Shopping Group are pouring in, suddenly they are full of people, not much time, in In the lounge hall, which is not spacious, it is full of local cartons of goods. The airport ground staff is probably used to it, always smiling and methodical. Such a scene can be regarded as “Abenomics.” Victory is also a small-scale counterattack made in Japan.

For the past two decades, I have been walking in the manufacturing world. Most of my entrepreneurial friends are manufacturers. I watched them “for twenty years, but now I finally fall into the front.” Unseen pain and embarrassment.

One of the pains is the loss of cost advantage.

 The achievements of China Manufacturing, whether it is the domestic market or the international market, there is only one core weapon, that is the cost advantage, we have the advantages of land, manpower, taxation, etc. Environmental protection does not have to bear any responsibility, thus forming a huge advantage in manufacturing costs. Nowadays, with the rise of various costs, the price/performance advantage has been as thin as a blade;

The second pain is the collapse of the channel advantage.

For many years, local companies have used their marketing skills to build a multi-level, pyramid-like sales network in a vast territory. Nowadays, e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and Jingdong have completely re-created information flow and logistics, and the channels have been completely flattened. In the past, the marketing pyramid was wiped out overnight;

The third pain is “ Don’t wait for death, change to find the transformational fear of death.

 The crisis warning of transformation and upgrading has been playing in the manufacturing industry for many years. However, most of the players in the game are helpless. In recent years, some golden concepts are like Peter Pan. Falling out of thin air, such as smart hardware, 3D printing, robots, andWhat’s the fourth industrial revolution, these new terms make almost all the post-50s and post-60s entrepreneurs understand and face up;

If this logic is used, the first generation of manufacturers It has already stepped on the edge of the abyss.

However, standing in the terminal hall of Naha Airport, facing the hill, packing the consigned container, I have a different experience.

In fact, the manufacturing industry has a very simple philosophy, that is:

If you cook rice cooker, can you let the cooked rice grain crystal clear without sticking it;

If you are a hair dryer, can you let your hair dry and smooth;

If you cook a knife, can you let every housewife get a knife, easy and effortless;

Do a thermos cup, can you let every traveler drink a hot water in the snow;

Do the toilet cover, can you make all the buttocks clean like jade, such as Mu Chunfeng; /p>

From rice cookers to toilet lids, they all belong to the so-called traditional industries, but whether they are “unsightly and unprofitable” depends entirely on innovations in technology and philosophy. In this sense, there is no sunset industry in the world, only the sunset business and the sunset.

Troubled manufacturers, instead of asking for help, to try their luck on unfamiliar battlefields, it’s better to break through. In the familiar industry, bite the roots and strive for technical sharpness. Innovation, from the expansion of quantity to the breakthrough of quality, is the last mile of China.

My young blue lion colleagues who are shopping in Okinawa duty-free shops are probably the middle class in China today. They are the backbone of rational consumption. They are hard to be fooled and not easy. Impressed by advertising, they certainly like cheap and good goods, but they are also “performance preference”, a group of people who are willing to pay for new technology and new experiences. The collective emergence of this type of consumer is actually a turning point in the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

& ldquo;Made in China is not in the future, but only in —— can make impressed products, so that our middle-class families do not have to go over the ocean to buy a toilet lid.

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