Why are the prices of water purifiers on the market so different?

When many families go to the mall to buy a water purifier, they find that the price difference is so big. Their working principle and material composition are similar, but the price is different by several thousand. Which price is better? What is the reason for this price difference?

First, horizontal contrast, different types of net The price of water is obviously different

Water purifier is also called water purifier, including pure water machine. According to the structure of filter element, it is divided into reverse osmosis water purifier and ultrafiltration water purifier, nanofiltration water. And so on. Commonly used in the market are reverse osmosis water purifiers and ultrafiltration water purifiers.

The biggest difference between the functions of the two water purifiers is:

1: The purified water from the reverse osmosis water purifier can reach the standard of pure water, while the ultrafiltration water purification The device can only filter and remove large molecules such as sediment in the water;

2: The reverse osmosis water purifier consumes electricity and produces waste water. Ultrafiltration water purifiers do not produce wastewater and do not require electrical energy.

Second, why the price difference between reverse osmosis water purifier and ultrafiltration water purifier is so large

For reverse osmosis water purifiers and ultrafiltration water purifiers, the price is not Comparability, because it belongs to two types of water purifiers, the price ranges from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Therefore, when choosing a water purifier, we must first distinguish which kind of water purifier we need to purchase. Do not compare the price of the reverse osmosis water purifier with the ultrafiltration water purifier. The function of the water purifier is compared. According to the condition of the raw water, it is determined whether you want to drink pure water or want to drink mineral water.

Third, vertical contrast, the same type of water purifier, design and material differences also affect the price of water purifiers

In terms of design, the traditional water purifier The general volume is relatively large, relatively bulky, and is generally used directly in the kitchen and installed under the stage, so it is not very elegant in appearance. The middle and high-end consumers are more concerned about the appearance and volume, and the internal materials, all the water-related parts need to use food-grade materials. Therefore, the fully enclosed hot and cold machine and the vertical multi-purpose machine gradually become the mainstream products in the market. The price difference has also widened further.

IV. Brand comparison, comparison of technological innovation capabilities, the price difference of water purifiers is greatly enlarged

The technical ability of brand manufacturers is also the main reason for price differences. Manufacturers with strong technical capabilities, the products produced are of good performance, stable quality, perfect after-sales service, good reputation of users, and the price is naturally not the same.

Different brands of water purifiers use different materials and designs, which also determines the difference in price. The water purifier brand must be different from other brands and must shape its own product image. Therefore, it is generally more important in materials and design. It looks like the material is the same. In fact, the materials are very different.

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