When the carpet meets the floor, it’s time to start living beautifully.

Want a piece of carpet

Just want to sit on a soft carpet for a hearty game

or read a long-awaited novel some afternoon

End of the week After you are busy, come and have a cheerful bang with your friends.

Play games with your children, don’t worry about squatting

Although the carpet will face a series of difficult problems to clean up. However, this kind of happiness brought by the carpet is also irreplaceable. It is better to learn how to fix it than to buy it.

●Classification of carpets

In terms of materials, chemical fiber, plastic, wool, and blend are several Common materials. Knowing the material of the carpet is very important because it not only affects the overall style of the home, but also the ease of cleaning.

Contrast home carpet comparison

●The matching of the carpet

In terms of color, the color of the carpet should be selected according to the surrounding sofa, coffee table, decorative painting, etc. If the overall style of the living room is cold, then you can choose a bright color carpet to save the cool wind.

From the pattern point of view, if you like solid color, then you only need to consider the surrounding environment to match, if you like If you have a pattern, then you can choose the geometric pattern, because you can choose the right carpet according to your home style.

●Selection of carpet

1.Select decorative carpet according to room function

Different functions of the room, there are differences in carpet selection. If the carpet in the bedroom has a warm atmosphere, it is necessary to pay attention to the texture of the carpet. You can lay a solid color carpet, which makes the bedroom warm and romantic. The living room is the place to receive guests. It is the face project in the home. If the flow of people is relatively large, it is necessary to choose thick and wear-resistant carpets, and it must conform to the overall decoration style of the interior.

2. Plan the carpeting area to reduce the purchase waste

The carpet in the bedroom does not need to be too large, sometimes only It is necessary to lay a small piece on the edge of the bed. It is the biggest use of the carpet in the bedroom without letting the feet come out of the warm bed and directly contact the cold ground. Because the restaurant usually places tables and chairs for dining, the chair is placed under the table when the meal is not taken, and the chair is pulled out when the meal is taken, so the size of the carpet should take into consideration the chair that is pulled out. The carpet is placed at the door. It is generally advisable to lay a small-sized carpet or foot mat, which not only beautifies the home, but also has the effect of household cleaning. If the living room is not large, you should choose a carpet that is slightly larger than the coffee table.

3. Pay attention to the back of the carpet and avoid losing it.

When buying a carpet, take some time to study the back of the carpet. manual. Some of the backs of the carpets are too rough to be handed, and the ground may scratch the ground. It is recommended to buy a cotton or canvas rug. Otherwise, if you buy a carpet and scrape the floor tiles of your home, it’s really worth the loss!

4. Identify the quality of the carpet and avoid it. Picking unqualified carpets

The first thing to buy a carpet is to recognize the material. The easiest way is to remove a few pieces of wool from the carpet. After ignition, the material of the carpet is identified according to the burning condition and the smell.

Repeat rubbing, check the color fastness, after rubbing, see if the palm and paper towel are stained, the stain is serious The fastness is not good. Carpet label, pay attention to whether the factory provides dust, anti-fouling, anti-wear, static control and other guarantees.

●Cleaning the carpet

Daily cleaning

Cleaning is carpet maintenance Basic work, recommended at least twice a week.

The first time against the carpet fluff, the force is strong but thorough; the second pass along the carpet fluff, can restore the original tuft guide. If the tuft orientation is not obvious, then it is right in one direction.

Local cleanup

If you accidentally spill colored liquids such as coffee and juice on the stalls, Partial cleaning is required.

Press the carpet cleaner in proportion to water, then put it into the watering can, spray it on the stain, then wipe the stain with a soft brush, and finally rinse with water.

Sterilization Cleanup

It is recommended to let the carpet see the sun at intervals, which can effectively kill the hidden Aphids and bacteria. You can also hang the carpet on the rope and pat it with a small wooden stick to effectively remove the dust.

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