When is the wax on the floor at home best?

At present, the floor of home decoration is mainly wood. The wooden floor is favored by consumers because of its beautiful appearance, pollution-free, easy processing and good heat preservation. However, the wooden floor has low hardness and poor corrosion resistance. Defects such as worms. In order to make up for the defects of the wooden floor, the merchants introduced the floor wax, which is equivalent to tailoring the outer cover of the wooden floor to prevent it from being invaded by the outside world.

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Floor wax is oily at high temperatures Semi-solid, hard solid at low temperature, can quickly penetrate into the material, polished with high-speed polishing machine or washing machine, so that the ground has a strong gloss, high wear resistance and sealing effect, so that the surface of the wooden floor is formed The hard protective film is non-slip, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, effectively preventing the erosion of moisture, oil and other substances. With the increasing use of wooden flooring, there are more and more products of floor wax. Wax, so that consumers do not know how to choose, here let us know the real body of the floor wax.

The shape of the floor wax is divided into three types, solid, paste and liquid, of which solid wax is not used Convenient and sales are gradually decreasing, compared with the sales of paste and liquid wax. The main role of floor wax is to form a protective film on the floor, glaze, extend the life of the floor, and make the floor more beautiful. Commonly For example, wax is the main component of palm wax, Marseille soap, oleic acid, sodium hydroxide and water. Palm wax is processed from the leaves of palm trees, mainly for glazing effect; both Marseille soap and sodium hydroxide It is added as a detergent to the formulation; oleic acid acts as a regulator to increase the mixing of several substances. This group of seemingly simple formulas can protect the floor from scratches, corrosion and insects.

Before daily maintenance of the floor, the floor should be carefully cleaned, then use the bottom wax to dry, then use a clean cotton soft cloth or wax machine to evenly spread the high-gloss floor wax evenly on the ground, to be completely After drying, apply 1~2 layers and dry out. After each waxing, you must wait for a layer of wax to dry before you can apply a layer of wax to be completely dried and polished. If only part of the area is maintained, only It is necessary to repair the wax. After a long time, the wax surface of the frequently active area will be seriously worn. It is necessary to clean the wax layer on the ground. This work can be done well with the wax surface cleaner. After the cleaning is completed, it needs to be waxed again.

The use of floor wax does have Risk, floor wax is a flammable and explosive dangerous goods. Especially in the waxing process, the volatiles in the floor wax will become solid and adhere to the floor. At this time, the volatile content in the air gradually increases, so that it is flammable when exposed to an open flame. Therefore, when the floor is waxed, the window should be ventilated, so that the concentration of the chemical substances volatilized from the floor wax will be reduced without causing harm. At the same time, do not smoke in the waxing place and try not to use gas and other electrical equipment. /P>

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