What should I do to upgrade the whole house? The first group standard is coming soon!

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The custom furniture industry has always had problems such as lack of standards, unclear specifications, and unreasonable costs. Will the first custom furniture group standard to be released on March 15 really solve this problem? The answer will be announced soon.

“ Personalized needs, tailored. In the trend of traditional consumption upgrades, the furniture industry has a wave of “all-room customization boom”. Compared with finished furniture that is limited in style and size, custom furniture can be customized according to consumers’ preferences, and it can better meet the individual needs of consumers in appearance and function. “All The concept of house customization is increasingly favored by consumers. However, due to the lack of standards, custom furniture is also hot, but also hidden traps.

On March 7, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee issued a report on the consumption of furniture for the whole house, revealing that there are many irregularities in the design of custom furniture, the confusion of pricing methods, and the unreasonable settlement of fees. It was also revealed that Shanghai is about to introduce the country’s first custom furniture group standard, and it is custom-made for the whole house. Tao Ailian, Secretary General of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, said: “We hope that the rules of the whole house furniture industry will be clear and truly customized.

Confusion of the concept of wood-based panels and solid wood

This examination attracted 29 consumers from Shanghai, involving 13 brands, and the contract value of custom furniture ranged from 11,500 yuan to 128,000 yuan. .

The Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee said that due to the lack of relevant standards, there is no standard in the design, production and installation of customized products for the whole house, or reference to the relevant furniture or raw material standards, which cannot meet the actual situation of the whole house custom furniture. . In the contract for the 29 products of this consumer, the standard referenced by the product was not clearly indicated.

In the quotation of a custom furniture product provided by the consumer, the column of furniture material is marked as “SKL British White Oak”, which makes consumers mistakenly think that the furniture is made of solid wood. The company argues that “SKL is the meaning of solid wood particle board, and “white oak” refers to the color of wood-based panels.

In addition to the lack of standards, material identification is also a major problem.

On the issue of custom furniture material identification, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee investigated 20 consumers. The contract or order of only 4 people clearly indicated that the main material of the product, the contract of 15 people or the order did not indicate the name of the wood used for furniture, the name of the wood-based panel and the location of its use, and the contracted nominal material of one person was inconsistent with the measured material.

The Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee said that some companies use non-standard names in contracts and orders, confusing the concept of wood-based panels and solid wood.

Some companies will describe the color and color of the product in the quotation with the name of ash, ash, ash, etc. It is easy for consumers to misunderstand the furniture material.

The maximum deviation of area measurement is 23%

According to the survey, in the process of custom furniture contracting, the company will quote according to different pricing methods, with expanded area, projected area, and Pricing and extension of meter pricing 4 kinds of pricing methods.

Of the 29 consumers who were inspected, 13 were found to have “all house customizations based on the expanded area; 8 people were billed on a per-unit basis; 5 people encountered a projected area. Fees; 2 people encountered two pricing methods, namely, the expanded area and projected area, the expanded area and the extended meter, and another one encountered an unclear billing method.

The Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee said that different pricing methods have a greater impact on consumer customization costs, and it is easy to cause repeated calculations of area, or to measure large areas.

In the observation, there were 19 samples with different degree of area deviation, the deviation rate ranged from 0.08% to 23%, and the deviation rate of two samples exceeded 20%. Among them, a brand of custom partition cabinet products, the quotation indicates that the product is based on the expanded area, the total area is 16.64 square meters, through manual calculation, the area of ​​the product is 12.77 square meters, the area deviation is 23%.

In addition, some enterprises have repeated calculation of area, such as a custom furniture sample provided by consumers, the glass door glass area contains a frame, the enterprise calculates the glass area first, and then calculates The plate surface is obviously unreasonable.

Consumers also report that every aspect of custom furniture is handled by an independent operating entity, lacking effective communication and uniform standards, often differing from the initial design and installation of the finished product, to product installation You will find it in the stage.

In the design drawings of a custom closet product provided by the consumer, the width dimension of the top line of the product did not match the width of the measurement, resulting in the finished product not being able to fit the ceiling of the room during installation.

Another custom balcony cabinet product with a seam value of 3.0mm exceeds the relevant standard 2.0 and obviously does not meet the installation and acceptance criteria.

Associations and enterprises jointly set standards

In addition to the price confusion, the current house-to-house customization still has many problems such as irregular labeling of plates and lack of total control of harmful substances. . The root of these problems lies in the lack of standards.

In this regard, Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee and Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association, Shanghai Interior Decoration Industry Association, Shanghai Furniture Industry Association, Shanghai Decoration Industry Association, Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association, etc. Five industry associations and 47 companies jointly developed the whole house customization (wood)Furniture” Shanghai group standards. At present, the standard has been reported to the Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau for registration and will be implemented on March 15 this year. This will also be the nation’s first “all-room custom group standard”.

The reporter learned that the standard stipulates that the positive and negative deviation of the area of ​​custom furniture should be within 5%, and the safety performance of the board should pass the acceptance.

In addition, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee also reminded consumers that when signing a custom contract, it should clearly agree with the business on important matters related to furniture materials, styles, design requirements, etc., and be reflected in the written materials. When you find a problem, your legal rights cannot be guaranteed.

In the settlement process, the company should specify the pricing method used for the customized furniture in the contract or order, and is obliged to explain and explain to the consumer, for products that may affect the final settlement price of the product. Information such as measurement values, area, and use of hardware shall be accurately and clearly indicated.

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