What should I do if the new flooring is scented?

Compared with solid wood flooring, the wear-resistant layer on the outermost surface of the reinforced floor is specially treated to achieve a high hardness, that is, using a sharp hard object such as a key to scrape, leaving no trace.

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Good laminate flooring Choose good materials, good materials should be natural, high density and moderate. Some people think that the higher the density of artificial board, the better, in fact, too high density, its water swelling rate is also high, easy to cause dimensional changes and lead to deformation of the strengthening plate.

Reinforced wood floor paint free board relies on advanced floor production lines and equipment and rigorous craftsmanship to produce first-class flooring. Judging the quality of flooring quality can also be obtained from quality Test certificates, as well as other honorary certificates such as ‘National Quality Exemption Products’, ‘ISO9001 Quality System Certification’, ‘ISO14001 Environmental System Certification’, etc., because the acquisition of these honors must result in a refined operation of a company.

The most important thing about laminate flooring is the word of mouth, which is the consumer’s evaluation. Now some consumers will write comments online after purchasing a certain product. The board is especially for the poor quality of the wood-free paint-free board, one Generally, it will be questioned. This will reveal whether the quality of a brand is good.

If the laminate flooring has a taste, first make sure that the taste is the right medicine. If the paint-free solid wood floor has a taste after being paved, it is generally the taste of paint. You can open more doors and windows, and you can also raise some bonsai indoors, such as spider plants, aloe vera, cactus, etc., or put some activated carbon and bamboo charcoal. The artwork is placed indoors to purify the air and beautify the environment.

If the laminate flooring is used for a long time, it will smell bad. It is very likely that the paint-free solid wood flooring itself has a mildew-like quality change. It is recommended to replace the no-strength wood-free paint board. Generally, the maintenance of the wood-free paint-free board is not good.

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