What kind of stone is used for the bay window?

Now more and more people will get a bay window when decorating, it It is a very common decoration method. However, when we are decorating, we will use different materials for the construction of the bay window. So, what is the construction of What kind of stone is used for the bay window? Let Xiaobian introduce the building What kind of stone is used for the bay window

What stone is good for the bay window-marble

If you use gorgeous marble, the price of the finest marbles ranges from 200 to thousands. The price of marble is lower than the price of artificial stone. If you don’t want to use stone, you can also use wood to paint, but you must pay attention to it. The durability of the stone is better than that of the wood. It can also be used to treat the bay window with a soft bag, using wood and fabric.

What kind of stone is used in the bay window-artificial stone

Artificial stone is not only light weight, high strength, thin thickness, but also anti-corrosion. Dirty and good processability, artificial stone can not only be made into curved shape, curved shape, etc., but also very convenient to construct; but the color and texture of marble and granite will be more beautiful and natural than artificial stone. The light-colored series of artificial stone, especially white, tends to turn yellow under the sun. Artificial stone is the most common floating window countertop material. The advantage is that it is not afraid of tide, will not be deformed, and is easy to maintain. The disadvantage is that it will be cold in the cold winter. If you like to squat on the window countertop, you must make a blanket and the price is a bit more expensive than natural stone.

What kind of stone is used for the bay window-granite

As we all know, granite is rich in color and texture, so it is very popular among consumers. However, granite has the limitations of natural materials. The length of natural stone is generally not long. Therefore, if you want to make a large window window, there will be seams. These joints are also easy to hide dirt.

What kind of stone is used for the bay window–tiles

Many owners use ceramic tiles when building the bay window, of course, this is also a good select. Due to the variety of tiles, we can meet people’s choice of different decoration styles. You can choose colors according to different decoration styles. But choosing such a material will be very cold, so if you sit on the balcony, you need to put a mat, so it will be more warm and beautiful. So this is why many people choose tiles.

The above is about What kind of stone is used for the bay window The whole content, of course, there are many materials for building the window, but for limited space, Xiaobian can only introduce the above. I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about it, you can continue to pay attention. Qijia.com related information. Xiaobian will bring more exciting content to everyone.

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