What kind of platform is SSC sharing life circle? Take you to learn about SSC sharing life circle!

What is the SSC shared life circle?

SSC shared life circle is a group platform consisting of home companies

New retail? Offline entities? Online malls?

Blank market waiting for you to develop, to be the first batch of people to eat crabs

SSC sharing platform strategic planning

1. Innovate customers with market demand Value is the center point

2. Wire the online platform and offline activities

3. Serve the partner of the investment partner, the channel party, and the consumer customer. /p>

4.In the sharing of economic integration, exquisite acquisition and merger, project resource docking development, healthy ecological communication, network franchise chain as business sector

Consumption of 990 yuan, membership has the right to promote

Static King (send hatching coupons 1 = 1 yuan)

into 2 Single 1980 yuan, 32 per day

The term is 1 year, that is, it will be delivered to 11680.

Into 5, 4,950 yuan, 80 per day

, that is, delivery of 29,200 so far

into 10 single 9900 yuan, 160 per day , for a period of 1 year, that is, to send 58400.

Enter 20 single 19800, 320 per day

The term is 1 year, that is, 58400 will be delivered.

Single 49500, 800

per day, 1 year, that is, 292,000 will be delivered.

Dynamic income (example: direct push 1 person)

Recommended award (every day Take)

Generation: 16/day, valid for 1 year

Second generation: 2/day, valid for 1 year

Agency reward (pre-delivery Deposit 20,000)

Directly push agents 10,000

Enjoy 6% new performance under umbrella

0.5% of peers

The new era of shared Internet has integrated and influenced our lives, and its development results are undoubtedly the basic characteristics. During the Spring Festival Evening on the Internet, the host and the participating guests shared the changes brought by the Internet. The host Ouyang Xia Dan said that her mother and her sister often use video exchanges, etc. She said, “Parents learn to use smart phones, not Keeping up with the times, but catching up with children, people are moved. Ssc shared life circle Since the Internet, our life has more sentiment and is no longer constrained by geography.

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