What kind of people are suitable for opening a store? Are you suitable?

Custom furniture industry is the hottest investment in the next 5 years. Everyone knows that it is very important to join a good brand, but have you considered your own situation: Is it suitable for you to open a custom furniture franchise store? Let me introduce you to the custom furniture to join which type of people to open the store?

The first type of people: investment entrepreneurs

Custom furniture joining is very suitable for entrepreneurs. After all, custom furniture is zero inventory, investment risk is small, and the required funds are not many. However, it should be noted that before joining, it is necessary to have a detailed examination of the development prospects of the industry, the strength of the manufacturers and the level of local consumption.

The second category: the owner of the finished furniture store

As the market share of custom furniture is growing, the finished furniture will be eliminated by the market if it is not transformed or compatible with custom furniture. . Therefore, the transformation of the furniture store owner into a custom furniture store is a choice to keep up with the times.

The third category: the owner of the decoration company

Because the decoration company has strong customer resources and experience, open custom furniture franchise stores, whether from the opening experience, marketing promotion, customer resources or The products are all light and familiar. Naturally transitioning to custom furniture, the introduction of an all-inclusive solution can be said to be a perfect fit.

The fourth category: home practitioners

This is the furniture practitioners generally refer to designers, sales, store managers, after all, this industry has been playing for so many years, Mastering the core technology and related experience, I am more confident in the opening of custom furniture franchise stores, and I am not afraid of being fooled.

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