What is the tasteless paint? What are the tips for the purchase of tasteless paint?

Speaking of odorless paint, maybe everyone doesn’t know much. What is odorless paint? Unscented paint does not mean a paint that is completely odorless, but has no pungent smell. Today, people’s awareness of environmental protection is increasing, and the use of odorless paint is becoming more and more widespread. So, which is good for odorless paint? What are the skills of odorless paint purchase? Let me tell you the answer one by one.

Tasteless Which paint is good

1, choose a brand

There are many odorless paint brands on the market today, and each brand of paint has Their respective characteristics. In order to ensure the quality of the paint, the first consideration when purchasing odorless paint is the paint brand. For example, the most popular odorless paint brands on the market today are: Dulux, Nippon, etc. It is recommended that you purchase according to the family’s decoration budget.

2, consider the price

In addition, we also care about the price of paint. Under normal circumstances, there is a certain gap between the price of odorless paint and the price of ordinary paint. In order to let yourself spend less money, under the premise of ensuring the quality of paint, you should compare several more, and then choose a branded product with high cost performance.

3, see decoration effect

We all know that paint is used to decorate the surface of the building, and its decorative effect is also the primary consideration. Different types, brands of odorless paint, the effect of decoration will also be very different. For example: rich colors, fast drying speed, etc. It is recommended that you purchase according to your personal preferences and renovation budget.

What are the techniques for odorless paint purchase

1, quality is more important than price

Most people have this idea, the more expensive the tasteless paint, the better, after all, a penny; Of course, there are a few people who think that the lower the price of paint, the better, and can save a lot of renovation budget. In fact, no matter what type of paint you choose, quality is the focus of our consideration. Paint is neither the more expensive the better, nor the cheaper the better, but should be the big brand with good reputation and protection.

2, packaging is only auxiliary

When buying odorless paint, there is no need to pay too much attention to the packaging problem, but more attention should be paid to the inside of the package. product. At the time of purchase, the merchant is required to present a certificate of conformity and a quality inspection report.

3, color card is only a reference

we As you all know, there is more or less difference between the actual color of the paint and the color card, so don’t over-trust the color card. If you want to know the color of the paint, it is recommended to try it out.

4. Estimated paint volume before purchase

I would like to remind everyone that the paint should be purchased in moderation, calculate the required amount before purchase, and then determine the purchase according to the reference data. How many buckets.

Edit summary: The above is Unscented paint related content introduction, in summary, odorless paint is not all natural and environmentally friendly, its quality is also good or bad. Everyone should check the environmental protection of paint, should be from VOC The three indicators of free formaldehyde and heavy metals were analyzed.

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