What is the push in the end? What can we benefit from in the end?

How do you still know what the Chu Chu push is? Then you are really OUT! In fact, it is very simple, directly scan the code below, download the Chu Chu push APP, free to experience the powerful features of the Chu Push APP, you can also directly in the APP In the upgrade, it becomes the VIP shopping guide of Chuchu. After the upgrade, you will get the permission to recommend others to become VIP shopping guides. After others register with your invitation code to become a VIP shopping guide, you will receive a reward of 100 yuan.

In addition, the products that are pushed in the Chu have a commission of 20%-80%, that is to say, You recommend the product to other people. After the other person purchases, you can get 20%-80% of the product price.

As long as the user downloads the Chu Chu push app through the link you share, any product that he purchases through the APP in the future will give you a settlement commission, which is a once-and-for-all business.

You don’t have to worry about pushing a single item, tens of thousands of high-quality brands, and millions of selected items, all of which are the daily necessities of the general public. In terms of price, we cut down agents at all levels and remove intermediate links, which is cheaper than offline supermarkets and other platforms.

Let’s make a profit calculation.

A product of 100 yuan, commission 20% & mdash; 80%, if you promote 10 items every day. Then:

Earn 100 yuan*50% commission=50 yuan for one item;

Earn 50 yuan*10 pieces=500 yuan a day;

one month Earn 500 yuan * 30 days = 15,000 yuan

In addition, if you recommend 60 friends per month, you will receive 6,000 yuan, so that you earn more than 20,000 per month.

This is not finished. If you recommend 60 friends to become a VIP shopping guide within 3 months and in-depth counseling at least 10 of them, you can formally sign a contract with Chu Chu Pushing Company to become the sales director. Enjoy the basic salary, five insurance and one gold, and earn millions of annual salary!

These are all cultivated by our team. The income of general manager and director

The project is so hot, then can you quickly join the VIP of Chu Chu push? Is there a way to come in the army? Directly scan the core QR code registration below, you can save 299 yuan to join the Chu Chu push VIP!

Chu Chu push is registered like this? Download the app to fill in the invitation code!

Chu Chu push Bogo invitation code: 3139Gn4w (click to copy)

Still hesitating?

A little 299, your meal, one of your clothes, your set of cosmetics

What you need to do now is to become a sneak peek at VIP.

You can start your journey of wealth!!

Come on! Join! Chu Chu pushes Shenzhen team to be in the national investment

The next Chu Chu push sales director is you

Chu Chu pushes the national operation center [official website] designated micro signal: QQ9968134

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