What factors have prompted the rise of the smart home sector?

Some time ago, the super mainline science and technology concept stocks turned out, not only stimulated the enthusiasm of market participants, but also led many related varieties with high stock price elasticity and high growth expectations to gradually enter the main rising wave, including A smart home sector with broad industrial prospects. In the recent gradual increase in market capitalization, the short-term trend in the smart home sector is expected to enter the outbreak cycle.
   Consumption upgrades cause industrial application to speed up

   Although the concept of smart home has already appeared, it has been a matter of recent years. On the one hand, the popularity of 4G networks and Wi-Fi home wireless networks, on the other hand, the price reduction of smart hardware products, especially thanks to the advancement of manufacturers with Internet genes like Xiaomi, which makes related intelligence The price of household products is more close to the people. For example, Xiaomi smart lamps have only dropped below 100 yuan, and millet rice cookers have fallen below 1,000 yuan. These people’s prices have promoted the application of smart home products.

  In recent years, with the advent of the era of full renovation, real estate developers need to sell their homes faster and at a higher price in order to accelerate turnover and gain higher profitability. The need for commercial housing has a stronger competitive highlight, and smart homes can undoubtedly quickly enhance the competitive advantage of fully renovated homes.

   Therefore, real estate developers have great motivation to use the smart home system as a full decoration standard, so it will vigorously promote the rapid development of the smart home market, smart locks, smart cameras, smart homes The control system will basically become the standard for future fully furnished homes.

   In addition to the real estate developers have the power to promote, the advancement of technology is also triggering the acceleration of smart homes, the popularity of the 5G industry in the future, it is likely to bring the era of Internet of Everything. If 4G changes life, then 5G is expected to change society. The efficient interconnection of the Internet of Things will greatly enhance the application needs of smart homes. For example, the recent popular homestays and rental apartments can achieve online booking and online check-out through the current first-level Internet of Things. If you enter the 5G era, the application of the Internet of Things will go further, and the demand for smart homes will be even stronger.

  Two factors spurring the rise of the smart home sector

   In the stock market, whether a sector can become the focus of new funding is needed Two factors are combined: First, the industry level, including industrial growth prospects and industrial policies, which is the logic of mainstream capital allocation or the excuse to raise stock prices. The second is the market environment. Only when the market is active, funds will swarm, and the highly flexible and high-growth sectors will have a relatively stronger trend. The reason why the science and technology concept stocks since last week have become active in the recent super main line is to fit the above two elements.

   As far as the characteristics of the smart home sector are concerned, it is expected to become the focus of A-share new funds: on the one hand, the smart home industry development trend is optimistic, and it is 5G The main line of investment, such as the Internet of Things, is a marriage, with many subject matter, and it is easy to be concerned by incremental funds. On the other hand, the demonstration effect of making money by the science and technology concept stocks allows the incremental funds to feel the atmosphere of the A-share strong market, thus stimulating them to find new varieties with broad industrial space, high performance and high stock price. The smart home sector has exactly this feature. Therefore, from the perspective of capital game, the smart home sector is expected to become the main line of follow-up A-share investment.

  focus on both ends of the industry

   It is hopeful that it will become the main line of investment, market participants can actively focus on the opportunities at both ends: one end It is the upstream component end of the electronic intelligent control system. The electronic intelligent controller is one of the interfaces between the mobile control terminal and the smart home terminal. It is built into the instrument, equipment or system as the core and key components, and acts as the “brain” of the smart home.

   It is often the most critical component in various end products, with complex technology, many components, advanced manufacturing processes, and high impact on overall machine performance. Its advanced nature and reliability often become the hallmark of the technical level of the terminal products and the quality level, which has a great influence on the brand image of the terminal products. Therefore, the products of Topang, Hetai, Zhongying Electronics, etc., which are engaged in electronic intelligent control systems, are worthy of attention. High-emergence varieties such as IoT equipment business can also be tracked.

   The other end is a smart home brand. At present, the most well-known comprehensive smart home manufacturer is Xiaomi, which is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The stocks related to the A-share listing are mainly the leading varieties in various sub-sectors, such as Cobos in the field of sweeping robots.

   Relevant information shows that at present, the household cleaning robot represented by the Sweeping Robot is extremely low in China, and is in the stage of product introduction, and the convenience and cleanness brought by such products The quality of life has improved greatly. Under the trend of consumption upgrading and technological progress, Cobos, the leading company in the household cleaning robot industry, has formed certain barriers in technology, channels and brands, and will fully enjoy the dividends brought by the industry outbreak. In addition, stocks such as good wife and Gujia home can also be tracked.
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