What are the precautions for buying tiles? Don’t be pitted by these 6 points.

The use of tiles is an important part of the entire home improvement process, not only the overall cost, but also if something goes wrong The loss is not small, so you need to buy it carefully. Then, in buy tiles considerationsWhat are you? And listen to Xiaobian for you.

Buy Tile Notes 1,Before purchasing, you should measure the size of each space, because the size and quantity of tiles required for different spaces are different. However, for kitchens, restrooms, and balconies, you must first select wall tiles and then choose Floor tiles, follow the principle of simple and complex. In addition, there will be some color difference in different batches of tiles, so you should buy as many tiles as possible, preferring to return without replenishing.

Buy Tile Note 2,When buying tiles, you should carefully look at the back of the brick. See if the color is pure. Generally, the color of the tile should be milky white. If it is yellow or black, it proves that the brick itself has impurities, which will easily reduce the density of the brick and cause breakage and damage.

Buy Tile Notes 3. Also look at the side of the tile, mainly to see if the inner part of the particles are fine and even. If the particles are large and rough, the density of such bricks is also very loose, and it is prone to problems in the future. Therefore, the fine and uniform particles should be selected.

Buy Tile Notes 4,Look at Brick The gloss of the surface. Place the tile on the slanting plate. If the shadow of the surface of the brick is clearer, the higher the gloss of the brick is, so the hardness is stronger and the durability is better. On the contrary, the more blurred the shadow, the tile Hardness is low and should not be chosen.

Buy Tile Notes 5. Of course, you should also look at the thickness of the brick glaze. Too thin, prolonged, prone to breakage or soiling. Then, look at whether the glaze on the surface of the tile is bright, and the quality of the glazed tile is better.

Buy Tile Notes 6,In addition, the water absorption of wall tiles is also a part of buying tiles that cannot be underestimated. When we buy, we can discard the water on the back of the tile to identify it. The lower the water absorption rate, the better the tiles are. Not only is it easy to empty, but the paving is also very strong.

Xiaobian Conclusion: The above is the right buy tiles considerationsAll the introductions. In fact, the quality of the tile is not easy for the layman to identify with the naked eye, but as long as you carefully check the product’s test report, origin, grade, specifications, etc., you can definitely choose the qualified tile. Product’s.


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