What are the main differences between water-cooled chillers and air-cooled chillers?

The use of different types of chillers is also naturally different. In the process of using the equipment, there is more or less gap between the two in terms of work efficiency and equipment performance. Here are some of the main differences between water-cooled chillers and air-cooled chillers.
   First, let’s talk about their price differences. Many buyers are more concerned about the price of chiller equipment. Because the price of any industrial equipment is expensive, it is necessary to integrate the operating costs of the equipment throughout the year in consideration of cost issues. The price of the water-cooled chiller itself is relatively low, but after calculating the operating costs for a whole year, it has been found to be much more expensive than the air-cooled operation. This is the difference in cost between different types of chillers. It is important to know that every industrial equipment cannot be intact under the conditions of a whole year of work. The necessary maintenance and maintenance work takes a long time, which will incur a large purchase cost. From a long-term perspective, air-cooled chillers are indeed more cost-effective.

   Secondly, among all models of chillers, air-cooled chillers are the most cost-effective. Because it uses air cooling, this method is simple and effective. However, water-cooled chillers require a variety of equipment to assist in the cold zone process, such as cooling towers, cooling water pumps, etc. These auxiliary equipment are prone to problems during use and require more maintenance costs. high. Therefore, the simple structure of the air-cooled chiller also brings many conveniences such as simple and quick maintenance work.

   Air-cooled chillers are mainly used in small systems. Water-cooled chillers are mainly used on large units, so the two are also quite different in terms of procurement costs. The water-cooled type will have less initial investment than the air-cooled type, but after a long period of time, the water-cooled cooling efficiency will be significantly reduced, and the cost of maintenance will be higher. In this way, the cost of the two is almost the same. Therefore, for the purchaser, if you want to buy the chiller at the lowest price, you need to pay attention to what type of chiller to use. Instead of deliberately considering what the price of the device is. No matter what type of chiller, the cost investment is almost the same, and the application field will be more practical.

   Finally, to add that the noise of air-cooled water chillers is relatively large, generally installed outdoors, and water-cooled chillers are installed indoors, Buyers with concerns in the installation area can choose according to their actual situation.

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