Water purifier sale rights

The annual Consumer Rights Day, although in the past. But this particular day, always filled with a few happy tears colors. For many businesses, this is a scary day, some businesses are all kinds of explosive inside, what provisions of the King, fake and shoddy products, etc. are all played the prototype; For the majority of consumers, this is a happy day to protect their own interests .

In fact, consumers protect their own interests, not only in the March 15 election, however, they usually always inferior rights, which is why it? Bin Xiao Bian it is the main reason: Many consumers have blind spots and errors on the rights of common sense, lead to rights failure.

Bin He then launched small series of small investigations on how rights issues in water purifier sales maintenance aspects.

Many consumers purifier, water purifier met when problems arise, the first thought is to call the official service center. Here, Xiao Bian reminder, if you are using a 114 query URL or phone, remember to pay attention to the accuracy of its information. Because many cottage manufacturers authorized repair service point pretending, in order to obtain consumer fraud. How to identify these cottage water purifier maintenance point of it? Is not difficult, but most of these service points off the cottage on the water purifier repair and service, poor attitude, those repair parts are not provided by the manufacturer, the lack of standard charge on the charge, the most terrible is that it is not good repair bad enough, the water purifier will do worse, consumers bear the brunt of damage, but the brand has also been implicated.

To avoid the above case, Bin He small series to give consumers support recipe purifier.

First, adequate and reasonable use of their rights

to comply with the principle of “Who’s Who is responsible for sales,” the water purifier’s failure in the “three guarantees” period, must go to the designated repair Center for regular maintenance.

Second, the three ways to contact the Service Center

away from the cottage repair point, to go the regular way. Water purifiers consumers can query the maintenance center in three ways.

1, view repair documents, brochures, product packaging, its manufacturer to find unity after-sales maintenance service calls.

2, the water purifier brand sales store or sales counter, ask the manufacturers service calls.

3, find the brand’s official website, get a unified product sales service contact information.

Third, look for regular water purifier repair center

water purifier out of the question, should take it to regular maintenance center. Note that, the regular basic water purifier repair center has its regular stores, and is part of a long-term roots in the conduct of local development. Such maintenance center more attention to business reputation, so the quality of their service will be more reliable, even if the problem or dispute on the repair again, can be found rights object to avoid unnecessary losses.

Fourth, the reserved service credentials

When you repair service center holding a water purifier, and whether replacement of parts or ordinary maintenance, supervision should be carried out to the side, in case of parts losses and loss concealment. Most need to remember is that after the end of the water purifier maintenance, be sure to fill out the repair list, the list includes services, fees, dates and the period of responsibility. Whereby basis, if the short-term, water purifiers same problem again after the repairs can be carried out free repairs, maintenance having the force of law.

water purifier consumers, not just March 15th is the date of rights, as long as aware of their consumer rights, know how to use it properly to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, rights can be a day every day.

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