Water purifier brand manufacturers must pay attention to four problems extending

Development has entered a period of rapid growth, has as many as thousands, now many manufacturers are keen on water purifier brand extension, unwilling to stop at existing fields. Extension of the popular talk is that when a water purifier brand has made some achievements in a particular field, and then with the success of the process of the existing influence of the brand to expand into other areas. Brand extension strategy if used properly, of course, will bring a lot of benefits for the enterprise, should the use of improper, it will bring harm to many aspects. For this purpose Germany Bin He – is during the reminder purifier brand manufacturers must recognize the substantial brand extension extends, and scientific operations. A water purifier random brand extension blindness. Small and medium sized water purifier manufacturers, water purifier brand extension during the performance is very casual. Because the majority of brand decisions are the boss a final say, many factory owners due to lack of water purifier brand extension expertise when making decisions very casual. Their decision-making behavior can be called “three-shot decision.” In the water purifier brand is the decision-making process, often a boss racking our brains, so be it matter, after two confident performance set for each of the offerings, so dry it, no problem, the problem finally screw up the matter, and shot thigh, mom and how could this happen. Some water purifier manufacturers had to do low-end water purifier is mainly tertiary markets, in fact, the low-end water purifier he did not how the boss too low-end water purifiers do not make money, so he to high-net water extends the results of high-end water purifier not sell, not as good as the original low-end water purifiers, air purifiers so the boss heard that to make money, so he began to extend air purifier, the final result can be imagined, nothing to do, water purifier manufacturers eventually folded. Second, the water purifier brand extension strategy is missing a lot of purpose water purifier manufacturers target before the brand extension strategy is very clear, especially in some medium and small water purifier manufacturers, brand extension strategy is a passive extension, not for water purifier manufacturers development needs, but to meet the needs of the business carried out, some water purifier manufacturers had been producing high-end water purification products, but then in order to meet water purification agents need to continue to be extended, developed a series of low end water purification products, had good water purifier high-end brand image and finally evolved into a low-end water purifier brand image. Although the market is expanded, but did not profit water purifier manufacturers, water purifier manufacturers finally causing the collapse. Therefore, Germany He Bin – Bin reminded water purifier water purifier manufacturers when making strategic brand extension, to considerUnder a few questions: 1. What is the purpose of water purifier brand extension strategy is 2. Consider water purifier brand extension strategy to bring what kind of results 3. What adhere to the principle, the use of extended mode 4. Understand what brand??? at what position? 5. how extending the market, who the target consumer is? 6. how to get to the purpose of the extension and so on. Third, the greed of the water purifier brand extension in the water purification industry, many water purifier manufacturers of brand extension failure of one of the biggest reasons is caused by corporate greed, it shows that the water purifier manufacturer in brand building is very naive. Always eating a bowl watching the pot during the brand extension, for fear the market accounted for by others finished. In fact, the brand extension is the expansion of the brand bigger and stronger one kind of behavior is a manifestation of the brand mature, and many water purifier manufacturers are always very young and very naive brand when it began to extend, often the young brand is not any load prematurely passed away, this is a water purifier brand manufacturers greed caused. Fourth, the destructive water purifier water purifier brand extension strategy Brand extension strategy, although give water purifier manufacturers to bring a huge market, but the brand extension there are also great destructive, damaging its performance in several major aspects: 1, will make the water purifier brand damage. We know that brand image is the foundation of water purifier brand extension strategy, but extends to the low-end market as the high-end market in the process of vertical extension of the brand, will greatly affect the high-end brand image, it will lose the high-end market. 2, the water purifier brand positioning fuzzy. Water purifier brand positioning is to give consumers a clear understanding of the concept, so let consumers remember and identify with other brands. The brand extension strategies often result in brand positioning fuzzy, confused personality desalination and concepts, so that consumers puzzled, and even consumers lose consumer confidence. 3, consumers will reject. Water purifier brand extension strategy to the relevance or consistency with the original product attributes, enabling consumers association, and recognition and acceptance can bring water purifier manufacturers sell the entire product. But in the actual process of brand extension strategy, water purifier manufacturers often divorced from the principles of relevance and consistency, blindly, leading to consumers of psychological conflict or psychological conflicts.

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