Water purifier brand hardware accessories

He coast today Xiaobian to introduce relevant information on, so that we know how to see the inherent principle. Here to tell you the quality of information it!

high-quality hardware accessories

First, the appearance is extremely bright

surface can bring us a high-end feel, bright. And now a lot of fake products look Chang also do some simple surface treatment, resulting in the appearance of only good or bad is difficult to see the quality of hardware adopted.

Second, the easy oxidation, rust, corrosion-resistant and strong

Hardware-in in the factory will have been salt spray test, is highly resistant to corrosion. The poor quality of the hardware will be in use for some time off the surface, rust, deformation phenomena, for our future maintenance of great inconvenience

Third, good strength, strong.

Hardware quality of raw materials is very good strength, stiff, strong. Hand to pull is that it can not be pulled in, very solid and reliable. The poor quality of the hardware alone will be able to easily pull the hand deformation.
Fourth, the sophisticated manufacturing process. Well

plus quality hardware process, feel smooth, without any sharp corners or sharp scraping edge. The poor quality of the hardware is rough machining, surrounding without any treatment, it is easy to hurt the hand. Position and the R position with a rotation angle is not smooth, very suddenly. And this feature is shoddy hardware accessories can not be done.

we buy, home water purifier can look at the hardware accessories that meets the above four characteristics, it may be unable to determine the second point for a short time, but we can judge by the other three the level of quality metal parts.

inferior hardware accessories home water purifier features and hazards

a: prone to loosening, the surface coating will fall off. Loosening the locking device may cause some device is dropped so that the failure of household water purifiers or water leakage occurred.

II: secondary pollution, poor by hardware after a period of soaking, rust. Resulting in secondary pollution of drinking water.

three: rough surface is easy to hurt the hand, because of the poor quality of the hardware processing rough led to a lot of sharp corners, it is easy to hurt the hand, give us a household water purifier great deal of inconvenience.

hoped Bin Xiao Bian article we can bring convenience, but also hope that we can choose water purifier brand is really suitable for their own water purifier, to protect the health of themselves or their families.

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