Water purification technology behind the development of water purification industry to become a major "pain" points

[ is ] people’s pursuit of health is such that the water purification industry has great potential for future development. Despite the influx of business in recent years, but serious homogeneity, not product innovation, technological development backwardness has become the industry pain points.

The development of anything changing to go through a tortuous process. Development of water purification industry with other industries, has gone through several ups and downs before, though, domestic penetration rate is still relatively low, far less than Europe and America, Japan and South Korea and other countries more than 70% of water purification equipment household penetration, the country that number is less than 8%. water purifier penetration rate is low, is not no domestic demand, not without the capacity supply. From the consumer’s point of view reflect the situation, did not demand, but “fear”! Overall, the low penetration of water purification products, mainly due to three factors: fuzzy

consumer awareness, drinking habits difference

Although there are more and more people started to pay attention water purification equipment, but on the whole, people overall consumer awareness of water purification products is still fuzzy cognitive stage. The current water purifier market situation there is consumer demand but none can really meet the requirements. European and American developed countries, the number of years of habit is a direct drink unboiled water, while Chinese tradition to drink boiled water. In the eyes of Europeans, tap water you can drink water directly, and the European drinking water standards are uniform, whether tap water or bottled water.

producers surged, good and bad

As optimistic about the prospects for the industry in recent years, more and more companies entered the water purification industry. Our country now has more than 3000 water purification products manufacturer, this number will increase in the past two years, competition among enterprises is more and more intense. And many enterprises do not have R & D and technological innovation, product homogeneity serious, no modern testing equipment, limited ability to control product quality, after-sales service can not keep up and so on, these issues become a problem faced by the dealers to join.

water purification technology is relatively backward

Although China’s water purifier manufacturers has exceeded 3000, but most of the technical development of enterprises is relatively backward, truly independent research and development capability to fully grasp core manufacturing technology companies too small.

Although the water purification industry competition gradually intensified, But the number will continue to be reduced, but not only does not reduce the intensity of competition in the water purification industry, but will follow growing. Mainly in the following reasons:

1, the water purification industry has now developed to a certain stage, the market competition has become a major brand of clean water each battleground, and more advanced marketing model has become occupied market a powerful weapon. In the future, the water purification industry will gradually develop a large number of professional marketing, market planning team, which brand can pre-empt these attracted professional team, we will be able to a solid talent pool for future development foundation. It turns out that at this stage the water purification industry, if the water purifier brand has a professional marketing team and planning team, will occupy a significant initiative in the competition.

2, can survive in the melee business or brand, all have a certain strength, and no one will have the strength to give up easily get a good position to attract consumers’ attention and enhance their own brand the opportunity to influence; this is the inevitable choice for the development of the industry, only increasing internal competition, survival of the fittest can continue to complete the development of the industry in general law. So the future competition not only does not weaken, but will be more intense.

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