Water purification industry’s top five consumer needs to polish his eyes illusion

Now more and more people realize the importance of healthy drinking water, promote the rapid development. At the same time, industry standards confusion, a series of awkward questions vicious competition began. Consumers these issues as the most direct perceiver, the need to identify clear, beware of the following five common illusion. First, the product artifacts do not know when you do not have to buy in to the relevant Web site to see the habit of it? Then you will find that there are a lot of products both in appearance, product materials, water purification effect and product parameters are similar, so, when choosing a home water purifier, when not only than the price, than the function, more than products, so buyers want to use water purifiers consumers must know more about the quality of products from the website, choose the best time to buy big water purifier brand. Second, the brand illusion It is understood that the current water purification industry, the management of water purifier business have tens of thousands, while only 10% of businesses have a formal wading document. Domestic water purification industry, consumers, the media, authoritative platform every year elected a top ten water purifier brand business, which is arguably the water purification industry event, but there are a lot of crooks specifically to play the top ten water purifier brand banner sell products but there is no guarantee, therefore many consumers are fooled, go back to the higher price of the product is inferior. Third, the price of the illusion in front of said State has not formulated line marked, so that home differentiation serious, with a water purifier able to sell hundreds of price, up to a few hundred low thousands. Although the rally is on the one hand there are reasons, but the product of parity too different, causing market turmoil, the price of water purifiers authenticity to be investigated! Fourth, quality artifacts and some water purifier brand sales personnel, their water purifier excellent quality, multi-water production, are regular products. And really want to see the store’s regular business license, certificate of quality water purifiers, product quality certification approval document other party has hesitated, saying that only insiders can see, confidential documents can not be disclosed to the outside. So consumers have the power to see the business of the business license and certification documents relating to, for all this secretive water purifier brand, we need to be vigilant. Fifth, many consumers reflect the illusion of service, when buying a home water purifier, some businesses service attitude is “customer is God,” and all the transaction is completed, paid their money, business attitude immediately reduced. When the water purifier requires maintenance problems, businesses flew Face it, or make excuses, or drag the time, anyway, is not resolved immediately, this service also for many consumerWho chilling endless!

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