Water purification agents cause the failure of the five most direct reason

[ is ] most people might think, to do good water purifier business because the market environment is good, cost more efforts to support large manufacturers, product preferential higher reason. In fact, for any agency, corporate efforts to support are the same, and no such thing as a good relationship with a number of big efforts to support the argument. As the market environment, this is nonsense, our water purifier market itself is in an open situation, good or bad market environment are also businessmen who create their own. The industry believes that The reason for the failure, there are five of the most direct cause.

lead to water purification agents failed five most direct reason (Photo from Internet)

1. Did not choose to join the

our country water purification water purifier market so far has nearly ten thousand enterprises, in addition to thousands of companies have certified this document, more formal, the other companies belonging to the majority of OEM, small workshops, office buildings corporate nature, there is no direct production capacity. This type of enterprise investment for a living, can not guarantee product quality, marketing is no good thinking, no professional marketing staff, more support and service is not perfect. Oaks from little acorns, did not lay a good foundation, even if businesses have the capability, will encounter many aftermarket fault.

2. Passive Marketing

many new businesses into the water industry’s deep understanding of the market, thinking that as long as joining a good factory, we can wait for the money. Manufacturers say how marketing is how marketing, the manufacturers said the purchase would purchase, manufacturers say do activities to do activities, observe the manufacturers say the market is observed, manufacturers say …………… everything the manufacturers have the final say. Shang Yong just want to say this is that the agents for their own profit, not for the factory, and if so passive, might direct the agency to the vendor, not waiting for money more cost-effective, but also as for their hard manufacturers, distribution point run on both sides it?

3. sit back and wait mode of operation

a day doing nothing, just waiting for the operation of the storefront, waiting for customers to buy, do not promote themselves, not events, complete a love it or leave attitude, this business model is 100% fail in any field, success requires accumulation, businesses need to market more business planning, it requires more execution.

4. Specialized insufficient

Water purifier is different from general home appliances, whether to install or use has some technical requirements, then the product most consumers do not know much knowledge of the technical aspects but know nothing about. Some dealers in the business did not pay attention to this point, clients can not resolve the problem, can easily lead to customer distrust, resulting in huge loss of customers.

5. The product price is too conservative

Also a water purifier brand, the business development of different prices are different, of course, customers will want to buy more affordable products. However, some agents in order to improve profit margins, pricing is too high, 80% of the needs of customers blocking out 20% of customers can not meet the long-term profitability of the business. Agents will choose high-quality marketing puerile, 100% customer in his hands, although earnings in the short term is not obvious, but the accumulation period of time, put them at huge profits.

Of course, the quality of the water purifier marketing there are certain factors and market trends, but not the determining factor. Under the same circumstances, excellent water purification agents will always enhance self-learning, thinking, summary execution, to improve their own model of development based on market demand, beyond the market’s development pace. The only way to truly gain a foothold in the water purifier market.

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