Water environment deteriorating reverse osmosis water purification value?

[ is With the enhanced awareness of people’s health and the deterioration of the global water environment, water management is imminent. However, serious water pollution of drinking water, in order to meet the daily water needs of a large population, large-scale water plant using disinfectants, bleach and chlorine which generates disinfection by-products became the new hazardous substances, so green and healthy family POU by common concern.

reverse osmosis (ReverseOsmosis) technology as a purely physical principles purification past two years, quickly leading water purifier market. The Orville cloud network (AVC) monitoring data show, 2017 Jan-Jul online reverse osmosis (RO) technology accounted for 70.8%, and the percentage was 16 years was 58.6%; 2017 1 – In-line July Reverse osmosis (RO) technology accounted for 89.2%, 88.7% over the same period in 2016.

then the core strengths of the technology in the end what is? Why can become a household name? Here Seagull drinking from the start. When early American scientists found that gulls skimming the sea, each will play a big mouth and sip water, every few seconds and then spit out a mouthful of water, but on land animal lungs can not be as drinking water of high salinity, like seagulls. Later research has shown that there is a position seagull crop structure is very sophisticated film, the water can be filtered potable fresh water, while the water contains impurities and a high concentration of salt outside the mouth then spit out, which is the prototype of the principle of osmosis. Nowadays we have the technology successfully applied to the water industry, and through technical innovation and reform, grand plans in the water area of ​​health.

Reverse osmosis technology is a pressure-driven membrane separation process is applied to a required pump saline solution or wastewater to produce a reverse osmotic pressure in use, pressure to overcome the natural osmotic pressure resistance and that the film water permeability a reverse osmosis membrane, the salt is dissolved in water to prevent impurities or contamination on the other side of the reverse osmosis membrane. The core of this technique is that the film, voids are typically less nanoscale semipermeable membrane only allows water and other small molecules. Under natural conditions, the solution is a multi-diffusion from the high concentration region to the low concentration region to a concentration equal to the steady state, but because of the presence of the semipermeable membrane, organic matter, bacteria, heavy metals, colloids and the like by not requiring an external side in tap water pressure, avoiding the right reverse water flow into the left side of the high concentration region of the film, if the film is larger than the pressure on the left side of the right side, the natural water molecules through the membrane, and then filtered tap waterImpurities, to obtain purified water, and therefore most of the market RO water purifier is required to provide a pressure pump.

RO membrane there are some problems, such as the water pump leakage problems, has become a factor to consider when purchasing consumer. In addition, water purifiers often need to flush the reverse osmosis membrane in the course, whether it will inevitably fall into the province to discuss the hot water. Of course this is one of the most critical is the quality of the filter element, realized that many of the companies are long-lasting and highly reliable large membrane painstaking research, for example, in May this year, Haier water purification released six years does not change film products HE-RO ; Shanghai water show in June AO ​​Smith introduced MAX5.0 large flow technology patent can be raised to clean water aquatic 3L / min, filter life up to 5 years.

Further, the intelligent things brought, but also so that the user of the highly perceptible while the diversification of product functionality higher demands. Water is an integral part of the composition of life, closely related to our health, on the road to pursue a higher quality of life, water purifiers being in the role of Venus leads us access to new healthy journey!

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