War wolf 2 hot screen domestic bathroom when self-improvement

Recently, a movie War Wolf 2 directed by Wu Jing was born, and the Chinese box office record was refreshed. It was so hot that it ignited the heroic complex of the Chinese people. Why War Wolf 2 is so hot, one is the innovation of the film, and the other is the quality of the main creative staff. This film shows the power of the country. Only if you are strong, will you not be beaten, so you can stand in the world.

Just as the national sanitary ware enterprises need to be self-reliant and innovate, they can not be eliminated by the market, take the country and shine on the world stage.

How to make self-improvement of domestic sanitary ware

In the blue ocean of the sanitary industry, such as Kohler in the United States, TOTO in Japan, and Lejia in Spain have always dominated the domestic high-end sanitary ware market. Domestic brands have been focusing on the low-end market. Therefore, in the scientific and technological content and sales services, more efforts to develop and build high-end domestic sanitary ware brands has become the trend of the times.

War Wolf 2 popular screen domestic bathroom when self-improvement

Deepen “ Going Global to Broaden Export Channels

Domestic Sanitary Ware Enterprises “Going out is not the ultimate goal, but to truly achieve international footholds, not simply selling products, but building China Brands have become the builders of the new order and new pattern in the international market. However, it is not easy to take root in the international community. It requires the entrepreneurs of the bathroom to have a long-term vision and extraordinary courage, and can not blindly. In the initial stage of opening the international market, domestic sanitary ware enterprises need to strengthen their infrastructure and expand their export channels. Only basic skills are available. It is solid and can only be achieved based on international standards.

Finding the design of international positioning products closely following the needs of foreign markets

How domestic sanitary products can win the favor of foreign consumers, it is critical to meet their individual needs, which requires domestic sanitary ware Enterprises fully understand the needs of foreign consumers, specifically integrate these requirements into product design, shape the distinctive personality or image of the company’s products, and vividly convey this image to them, so that the company’s products are Determine the appropriate location on the international market. Therefore, the author believes that who can find the international positioning, who will eventually win the foreign market.

Original Design Creates “China’s Road to Creation and Development”

An ideal entrepreneur wants to take his career to the next level. A promising bathroom company is of course away. Without opening up the market, in today’s domestic sanitary market demand growth slowdown, more and more sanitary companies realize the importance of going abroad, how can we really stand on the international market? Undoubtedly, only &ldquo The original design created by China can finally push the domestic sanitary ware to the international market.

Therefore, domestic sanitary wares are based on product positioning, design, and channel. This is a breakthrough for strong brands. Bathroom people need “artisan spirit, unique and polished products, and then find more exports. Channels, thus pushing products to the international arena, set the benchmark for China’s creation. (Source: China Building Materials First Network)

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