Want to choose a faucet? Six details are key

faucet The production process is becoming more mature and the country has established corresponding standards. Although the scale of each company is different, the shape of the faucet is different, but the production cost of similar products is basically similar.

The price difference between the currently sold faucets is very high Large, from a dozen to dozens, and hundreds or even thousands, different brands and different companies have different prices. However, it is also a faucet. Why is there such a big price difference?

1, how to choose a faucet ?

The most common faucet at the moment The materials are: copper, 304 stainless steel, zinc alloy.

But remember one sentence: all The materials can be made into any style, any shape, any appearance color! Therefore, it is not possible to distinguish the material by the appearance and weight of the product!

Bronze faucet

Talk about the long history of copper faucets .

Upper image, the inside of the shell has obvious sand grain feeling after casting, accompanied by It has small black dots and a golden or transparent lacquer layer. The machining marks are obvious. The material exposed by the turned parts is hard and has high gloss. This is a copper casting material.

Injecting sand from copper to liquid Mold molding. Due to the loose structure of the copper casting, it is easy to have trachoma through the shell. Therefore, it must be immersed with special leak-proof paint (glue) and filled with negative pressure before machining, so there will be a transparent paint layer in the shell.

The left side of the picture shows the sand casting, the right side is the casting, and the inside of the casting is also compared. Rough, with a strong graininess and small black sand residue.

The picture above is really true gravityCasting pieces. The workpieces produced by gravity casting are well formed, the dimensions are accurate, the appearance is flat, the structure is dense, and there is no residue. The product has good pressure resistance and long service life. The price of gravity castings is usually double that of sand castings and about 30% more expensive than castings! The black plastic part is the spool.

The inside of this picture is completely composed of machined lines, and the internal material is hard and shiny. Good, slightly yellow.

When the weight is the same, from the price and quality Decrement order:

1 gravity casting, forging Pieces (tied first)

2 castings

3 Welded Parts

4 sand castings

304 stainless steel faucet

Stainless steel faucets that look the same. In fact, it is not the same!

We can’t look at the surface, we have to look at the bottom . The bottom is often the most realistic way to show the material and craft of the faucet.

The leftmost one, unscrew the bottom mount and the tube, we can see The outer casing is welded and formed by stainless steel pipe. Such faucets are prone to water leakage. In the middle, this is similar to this structure. The stainless steel tube is welded to the outer casing, but the internal spool base and fittings are uniformly made of stainless steel. The rightmost one is made of stainless steel solid bar stock. The traces on the bottom of the wire are obvious, the lines are delicate and sharp, and the faucet is strong and durable.

Stainless steel faucets are basically such types product. (When the weight is the same) If you want to sort by price and quality, it will be like this:

1 castings

2 external welded solid bar parts

3 external welded hollow bar material

4 inner welded solid bar parts

5 inner welded hollow bar pieces

6 stainless steel casing, stainless steel core

7 stainless steel casing, copper core

Zinc Alloy Taps

Stainless steel faucet finished, copper faucet speaks Now, let’s talk about the dirtiest material, zinc alloy faucet! Usually bathroom hardware what the merchants call “alloy” means “zinc alloy”.

2014 National Standard: GB 18145-2014 “Ceramic Sheet Sealing Water The mouth clearly states that “the amount of lead precipitated per liter of water does not exceed 5 micrograms”. There are also: bismuth, arsenic, antimony, bismuth, boron, cadmium, chromium, hexavalent chromium, copper, mercury, selenium, tellurium, antimony, nickel, manganese, molybdenum. The precipitation of 16 heavy metals is clearly defined.

But the zinc alloy faucet with harmful metals exceeding tens of hundreds of times is still in the market The sale is on sale. Use during the birth period will seriously endanger your health!

2, these six details Is the key to the difference between good use or not!

Materials not Same

Current faucet on the market The main material is mainly cast iron, plastic, zinc alloy, copper alloy and stainless steel. Cast iron is easy to rust, plastic is easy to age, zinc alloy is poor in stability, easy to burst, resulting in not long-term use, so Xiaobian does not recommend the purchase of these three materials.

Production process is different

In order to reduce costs, cheap faucets, simple processing equipment, simple process, low machining accuracy, resulting in product quality There is no guarantee. The processing technology standard has high precision. The assembled product parts have good mutual cooperation performance, and it is not easy to have quality problems. Users can use them with confidence.

Surface treatment is different

The faucet should pay attention to the gloss of the surface, no burr, no pores, no oxidation spots, etc. when hand touches.

The spool used is different

The spool is the core part of the faucet. Although most of the products on the market today use ceramic valve cores, the quality of ceramic spools varies greatly. The key part of the ceramic valve core is the ceramic piece of the valve core. The quality and flaw of the ceramic piece directly affects the service life of the valve core, and is also one of the main problems affecting the service life of the faucet.


The high-end faucet bubbler can give consumers a very comfortable bath feel . The use of these accessories and materials guarantees the quality of the product.

after-sales protection

Regular manufacturer, national perfect after-sales service system, no matter whether the product has an accident or malfunction At any time, manufacturers or distributors will come forward to solve the problem, and the brands that produce higher products will be branded with high quality sanitary wares. They are very concerned about the reputation generated by each product sold.

Water tap production process:

copper ingot→dissolving→casting→cleaning after casting→casting inspection→machining→tolerance inspection→grinding→surface inspection→electroplating→electroplating inspection→assembly→testing pressure→finished product inspection→packaging→factory.

This is a rigorous process with dozens of rigorous procedures The production process, each process has strict requirements on the production process. The brand factory is in accordance with the principle of excellent products, the second-class products are not allowed to leave the factory, and the small manufacturers do not care for the first-class products and second-hand products. Therefore, there is a big difference in price. Therefore, if you buy a faucet, you should choose a brand faucet to be guaranteed. Any one of them is a boutique, and a small manufacturer must look at luck and The product.

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