Venezuela closes consulate of the Dutch Islands in the Caribbean

Xinhuanet Caracas, February 21st (Reporter Xu Wei, Wang Hao) Venezuelan Foreign Minister Hoya said on the 21st that Venezuela will close three places due to a car bomb attack on the Consulate of the Republic of Aruba in Venezuela. Consulate of the Dutch Islands in the Caribbean.

Haoya said that the Venezuelan consulate in Aruba was bombed on the same day, causing damage to the consulate facilities. Venezuela has asked the Netherlands to extradite a Venezuelan citizen who launched the attack. Venezuela decided to close the consulates of the Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire and withdraw all resident personnel.

The Venezuelan media believe that the attack may be related to the ongoing multi-day protests in Venezuela.

In addition, Venezuela’s Minister of Energy and Petroleum Ramirez announced on the 21st that the government had received news that “fascists” had plans to attack gas stations and oil trucks. To ensure public safety, the government will close some gas stations in the besieged areas of the saboteurs. This news has caused many drivers to panic, and some gas stations waiting for refueling are up to several tens of meters.

After the bloodshed in Venezuela on the 12th of the Youth Day parade, protests in various cities across the country have intensified. The government condemned the opposition party for planning and inciting violent protests.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

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