Unique pool

Some swimming pools are special because of their size, shape or design, while other swimming pools stand out in other ways. For example, this is a unique pool concept made from containers. This inspiring and interesting idea comes from Modpools. Their swimming pool consists of 2.4m x 6m containers that can be transported to almost anywhere. They can also be easily repositioned if needed to distinguish them from almost all other types of pools. In addition, even for small backyards, the size is perfect and the design is not simple.

The next unique swimming pool we will show you today is the studio MK27 designed for the Jungle house. This is an infinity pool on the roof, which makes sense in this case because the house is situated in a small open space surrounded by lush vegetation. The ground pool doesn’t make much sense unless the trees are cut down. By placing the swimming pool on top of the house, the architect ensures that it can take full advantage of the landscape and plenty of sunlight. At the same time, there is a lot of privacy even here, because the crown is much longer than the house.

Speaking of the rooftop swimming pool, Aamer Architects also designed one. We are talking about Singapore’s homes, just like the bridge between the two structures. The project was very special because the owner acquired the plot next to his own house in order to collect three houses so that the entire family could be together. The new structure must be synchronized with the existing two bungalows and partially determine the location of the pool on the roof.

This unique villa pool is located in a luxury golf and beach resort in southern Portugal. The entire project was completed by ARQUI + Lda. The house is U-shaped and forms a courtyard. There is a suspended swimming pool in this courtyard, which is the main focus of the entire estate. It’s not just a swimming pool, it’s also a sculpture. Water flows down from the suspended pool into the reflecting pool below it. This combination is striking in more than one way, taking the concept of a unique pool to a whole new level, blending the look and functionality in an artistic way.

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