Ultra Modern Orange House Ultimate Home Lighting

On a hilltop in the University of Technology, Ankara, Turkey, there is a brightly colored residential building called “& quoquo;” This building is a landmark in architectural colorology, and the bright orange house launch is absolutely unique. Its internal and external patterns give it a truly personal atmosphere.

The exterior of the residence is decorated with bright colors, while the architectural style is modern, while the house is also focused Designed for lighting. Outside, imitating plant mirror light stalks illuminate the pond; for interiors, smart dimming illuminates the entire home through a configurable multicolored glass staircase, with its bright orange tones and playful modern styling illuminate the house.

At the rear of the home is a large swimming pool overlooking the city, and a spacious down-tiled lawn. The building is dressed in an orange plastic water-based paint, adorned with a thin strip of metal around the entire house. On the upper floors of the two floors above, the wide silver roof shades the closest outdoor space. At night, the color of the home deepens against the red tones, while the lighting at the rear helps to highlight the deck, the pool, and the walkway to the property.

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