Tongyuan Photography Group reminds you that you should know these international awards.

There have been many gossips related to the international awards recently. The Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to the British national writer Shihei Ishio. Haruki Murakami continued to run the marathon; Da Liu’s “Three-body 3” was drowned by the media. The fruit award “love the black female writers, set off the fans to the international awards “just or not to tear the X war; “Wolf 2” to compete for the best foreign language film Oscar, once the results are likely to be a hurricane & helllip ;…

Gossip gossip, life to life. Nobel and Oscar are too far away from us. Today, we are still sorting out some international awards that are not known to the Chinese people, but are all worthy of all.

The highest level of washing and blowing

Since the blue fire in the online game, “blue-collar masters have become the focus of everyone’s attention.” But you don’t necessarily know that the excavator also has the “Olympic & mdash;— World Skills Competition.

This is called “Skills Olympics” competition, which is highly valued by the manufacturing powerhouse. “Blue-collar champions birth, the attention and influence is not worse than sports stars.”

Of course, we can’t use excavators, but there are special beauty salons in the World Skills Competition. Next time you go to the barber shop for haircuts, hair stylist Tony will blow with you. When he is a master from Taiwan and has served a big star, you directly ask him: “Do you have participated in the World Skills Competition? Waiting for the award? Enough for him to think about life.

However, there are really hairdressers in China who have won the World Skills Championship: In 2015, the 23-year-old Chongqing sister Nie Feng won the hairdressing industry championship in the competition held in Brazil. Therefore, he became an associate professor and enjoyed special allowances from the State Council.

“ Washing and blowing is a practical title in life. Going to the high-end professional is called modeling, which involves a wider range of hairdressing scenes. There are also corresponding international grand prix for these scenes, such as the International Hairdressing Professional Magazine Association (AIPP) Award, which is recognized as the most important international award by hairdressing designers around the world.

In 2015, Taiwanese designer Lin Yiyi won the “Best Photographic Award”, not only the first person in Taiwan, but also the first hairdressing designer in Asia to receive this honor.

Recording photos of life, of course, art & ldquo; Saigao

Since the introduction of photography, I will talk about the photography contest.

Usually think of photography awards, everyone will think of documentary photography for the first time, such as the Pulitzer Live News Photography Award, the Dutch Prize (WPP) and so on. In recent years, many Chinese documentary photographers have performed outstandingly and won awards.

And related to our lives, we can’t do without art photography: children’s photos, youth photos, wedding photography, birthday commemorations, etc., along with our growth trajectory. If you want to learn about the strength of photographers through international awards, then WPPI (International Wedding and Portrait Photo Contest) is an international event worthy of reference.

WPPI is one of the largest wedding photo shoots in the United States with a long history. It is also one of the most grand and representative photography events in the photography industry. Its status can be compared with the Dutch competition in photojournalism. Its selection in the industry, such as the Oscars in the film industry, attracts more than 1,000 wedding photographers every year.

In recent years, more and more Chinese photographers have won WPPI. In the WPPI Children’s Photography Competition in the first half of this year, 5 of the 8 award-winning works were Chinese photographers. Got it. Be aware that the previous WPPI children’s awards were won by foreign photographers.

It is worth mentioning that the four photographers of the five award-winning works, Shen Xiaoxi, Zheng Xiangui, Yang Hui Rong and Liu Jian are from Guangzhou Tongyuan Photography Group. This company is also very interesting. Some studios and photo studios rely on the reputation of a photographer, but they are a group of masters and a bunch of awards.

China Children’s Photography Photo Contest, 11 people from Tongyuan team won the grand prize, and won the gold medal for the three-year group; the industry’s highest personal gold award in the industry> , Yachen and Li Lian; in the 4th Greece Olympia International Photography League in 2016, Tongyuan team won three gold medals, one silver medal, two merit awards, two honor awards … …

Zheng Xiangui, who won the WPPI award this year, is known as the “Gold Harvester”. Since 2010, he has won 67 domestic and foreign photography competition medals. “Recycled” “China Good Photo Portrait Gold Award”, “Spanish TORRETES Champions Cup Photo Contest Color Group Gold Award”, “Greece-United Arab Emirates International Photography League Color Group GPU Silver Award, etc., basically, overturning his resume, I can almost know what is the weight of the photo contest at home and abroad.

Collecting medals everywhere is not to say that this is a company that aims to win prizes. The reason is that people are ahead of their minds and their skills are excellent. Unlike the ordinary photo studio, the guest is not like the product of the assembly line. The ring is followed by a ring, and the finished product looks like a mold, but the art is taken as a work of art. Demonstrate the true character of children and discover the characteristics of each child and family.

These masters were cultivated by the high demands of the art work. Zheng Xiangui was a salesman of Tongyuan seven years ago, and Li was only one when he entered the line.The assistant responsible for lighting. In the words of Li Lian, in the same distance, the expressions and emotions of the guests are only the first level, and the temperament is the realm they pursue.

In addition to the master of photography, the stylist who gave the children a photo shoot, is actually the guest stylist Yang Liping of Jay Chou’s global tour concert. The clothes worn by the guests are also the super big names of LV and Chanel. Moreover, in the same distance to take pictures, stylists and photographers are following the group and follow the customer, and the whole process is completed in a private studio. The photographs are often also available on the cover of “Portrait” magazine, and even participate in the WPPI competition … … feel that customers are making a big profit.

Tongyuan Chairman Xu Zhong also stated: Tongyuan is “to take pictures with thoughts, and to “praise life”. Thoughtful works are the best works. In the photography industry, there is no shortage of good technology and a strong late stage. What is lacking is artistry and thinking. The core source is the photographer, not the photographic technology and the appearance of the photo. The key is to see how the photographer uses his ideas to present his photos. Therefore, Tongyuan spent a lot of thoughts on cultivating a large number of photographers with independent opinions and strong ideas. This is the result of my grand prize.

& ldquo;The value is the truth! Can life be called life without design life?

Art makes life records more valuable, and design makes life better. We want to buy and buy in our home life, what should we pick? It is necessary to talk about the world’s three major design awards: Red Dot Design Award, iF International Design Award, US IEDA Award.

One of the most well-known is Red Dot, Germany’s Oscar in the design world, the world’s premier design category. Because the red dot encompasses all aspects of people’s clothing, food, housing and travel, and the value of commercial promotion is high, many manufacturers are willing to participate.

Usually, the Red Dot Awards represent a global design trend, if a product has a red dot “ The blessing is basically able to guarantee the value and texture. For example, this year’s award-winning works have Apple’s black-earthed Bluetooth headset (it is easy to get rid of the spit, but it is not easy to fall off, sales are also very popular … …), Logitech keyboard, and Xiaomi’s electric scooter (This year, Xiaomi has 7 products with the red dot award) and so on.

The iF International Design Awards, one of the most professional and reputable industrial design awards in the world, was founded in 1953 by the oldest industrial design agency in Germany —— Hannover Industrial Design The forum is regularly selected every year and is known worldwide for its independent, rigorous and reliable awards.

However, the iF award is gold medal (75 pieces per year) and the general prize is thousands of items per year. many. If you still remember, Luo Yonghao won the Internet for a long time, because his hammer T1 mobile phone won the 62nd iF Gold Award, which is the first time that China’s mainland smartphone products have won this award.

The third is IEDA from the United States, the full name is the American Industrial Design Excellence Award. IDEA is hosted by American Business Weekly and judged by IDSA of the American Industrial Designers Association. Although the award is only 25 years old, it has the same influence as iF.

IDEA’s award-winning work also has many interesting and useful products, such as the 2014 self-shaking baby chair, not It takes power to automatically imitate the shaking of the mother.

Baby’s first book

If you are a new mother, in addition to the crying of the little baby, the choice of reading materials for the baby must be big. More online is a dazzling picture book, how to choose?

Or first understand the different styles of the picture book international awards, baby’s first book to find a suitable “mentor.” In addition to the highest international honours in the field of children’s literature, there is the Andersen Award, which is known as the Little Nobel Prize, and there are some good choices below.

Developing Imagination & mdash;—Cadick Award

Beginning in 1937 The American Awards, hosted by the American Library Association. “The Cadillac Awards review focuses on the artistic value and special creativity of the work, with special emphasis on “not teaching and “learning and letting children” develop another space for thinking in the process of reading. There is only one Cadillac gold medal each year, and the number of silver medals is variable. The logo is “John Medal for Riding”.

At present, there are “Little Black Fish”, “David, Can’t”, “Give Way to Little Duck”, “Gray Robe Grandma and Strawberry Thieves”, “Looking at Owl” and so on.

Cultivating artistic temperament & mdash;—Greenway Award

Founded in 1955 British awards, but also international. The organizer is the British Library Association.

Just as the introverted and implicit culture of the UK, the selection criteria for the Greenway Awards are very strict, not only for the quality of art, but also for the standard, very detailed and rigorous. It is for this reason that the Greenway Award-winning work will receive great attention once it is published.

At present, the domestic introduction of the “Greenway Award”There are not many works: “Go to the river with Gan Bobo”, “Can’t you sleep?”, “Pumpkin Soup” and so on.

Logic Thinking Training & mdash;—German Picture Book Award

This is a long history “ The Picture Book Award in the German Youth Literature Awards is judged by the German Youth Literature Association. The popularity is not as good as the first two, but it plays an important role in Europe.

This award-winning work follows the rigorous and calm style of the Germans. The narrative is comprehensive and clear, which is good for the baby’s logical thinking ability.

There are not many domestic introductions: “Grandpa does not wear a suit” and “The Forest Bear”.

Well, this life edition international awards combing guide is enough for you to not only talk about gossip, but also to live a great international award.

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