Toilet purchase attention points

The toilet is one of the sanitary wares we use in our lives, it gives us Life brings great convenience. At present, there are many kinds of toilets on the market, which makes it difficult to choose. Then What kind of toilet is good?, what should I pay attention to when buying a toilet? The following article will introduce you to everyone.

What? Kind of toilet is good: straight-through

straight The type is a kind of toilet that we usually use. It discharges the stain through the impact of the water flow. The wall of the toilet is usually steep, the water storage area is small, the hydraulic power is concentrated, and the flushing ability is excellent.

What kind of toilet is good: siphon

The drainage pipe in the structure of the siphonic toilet is S-shaped, after being filled with water There will be a certain drop, and when the water is flushed, a strong suction force is generated in the sewage pipe to suck the stain away. This type of siphonic toilet does not use water flow, the flushing noise is small, and the toilet water area is large.

What to pay attention to when purchasing toilets

1, hang dirty

Many people often encounter rushing when using the toilet, which will not only make people feel uncomfortable but also smell bad taste. Therefore, when purchasing a toilet, we need to consult the glazing condition of the toilet, the amount of flushing, and the flushing method. We can touch the surface of the sewage outlet of the toilet to glaze.

2, blocked

We also need to pay attention to whether it will be blocked when purchasing the toilet, so we need to pay attention to the size of the toilet drain pipe. Its normal size is 41mm, and the larger the sewage pipe diameter, the higher the sewage discharge speed of the toilet.

3, splashing water

the splash of the toilet is also a very headache, so we need to pay attention to see if it is reasonable to buy the toilet, it is best to choose the inner wall 45 The toilet with a slight inclination and a relatively shallow water level can not only effectively prevent splashing, but also have a certain odor-blocking effect.

4, smelly

The smell of the toilet is also a situation we often encounter, so we need to pay attention when we are shopping. The height of the water seal of the lower toilet is usually 50mm. Therefore, we should choose a toilet with a water seal height of 50mm or more. At the same time, the smell of the toilet is also related to the glaze of the ceramic. The glaze of the toilet will be good or bad. It will have a certain impact on the water absorption rate. We should choose a glazed surface that has been fired at a high temperature. It is not only excellent in crack resistance and water absorption, but also does not cause odor.

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