Titanium crystal door plate

What kind of door panels do you usually use in the cabinet? In addition to introducing several conventional door panels, we will introduce you to a high-tech new product, the titanium crystal door panel, and dig deep into the advantages and disadvantages of the titanium crystal door together with Xiaobian.
What is the material of the cabinet door panel

The porcelain door panel

The porcelain door panel is a relatively high-grade product in the door panel material, the surface feels the feel of the glass, the reflection It can also be used as a mirror in the state, with resistance to discoloration, no aging, and new surface.

Mirror resin board

Its characteristics are similar to those of baking varnish. It is more fashionable, has more colors, and has waterproof performance. However, the surface is easily scratched and maintenance is difficult.

Multi-frame door panel

The frame-type door panel is more fashionable and more personal, belonging to the MDF. It is easy to clean, not deformed, etc. It is also one of the choices of modern people for cabinet materials.

Metal texture door panel

Metal texture cabinet door panel is very popular in foreign countries and is a popular material. The processing of this door panel is specially oxidized, finely brushed and polished, and the surface can form a protective layer.

Crystal door panel

The color of the crystal door panel looks more romantic. The material of the panel is made of white fireproof board and acrylic, which is environmentally friendly and three-dimensional.

Blowout door panel (pvc molded plate)

The plastic plate belongs to the MDF, the color is uniform, and it has the characteristics of no cracking and deformation, and can resist scratch, heat and resistance. It is one of the more suitable materials for cabinet door panels.

Trihydroiamine veneer type

The cabinet panel has many colors, and the texture of the panel is mostly different. The surface is relatively flat, it is not deformed, and it has wear resistance and erosion resistance. specialty.

Solid wood

The solid wood cabinet door has natural texture and is more environmentally friendly. The surface of the solid wood door can be embossed and painted. It looks more upscale. .

Fire door panel

The color of the fire door panel is brighter and has many characteristics. It is wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, scratch-resistant, etc. It is also easy to clean, moisture-proof and fade-free. Etc.

Painted door panel

The paint board is rich in color, the surface is bright, and easy to clean, waterproof, moisture-proof and fireproof.

Kitchen cabinet

Titanium crystal door cabinet concept

Titanium crystal door is a door made of transparent material like titanium crystal-like drawing pattern Titanium crystal is one of the crystal group of titanium crystal inclusions. The titanium crystal with excellent yield and excellent appearance is one of the most precious crystal gems of today. Titanium crystal door plate mimics the hydrophobic, dust-proof and self-cleaning principle of natural lotus leaf. It uses the binary synergy of the nano-material to match the leaf-leaching mechanism, combined with high-tech nanotechnology, with very low surface tension and strong adhesion in titanium crystal. The surface of the board forms a unique molecular-scale nanostructure that is highly resistant to dust, grease and dirt.

Titanium crystal door cabinet advantages and disadvantages:

Stain resistance: Titanium crystal door panel unique anti-dust, anti-grease and anti-dirty ability, even in the harsh unless It is also very easy to clean in the environment, greatly reducing the cleaning power and time, and shortening the cleaning cycle.

Water resistance, deformation resistance: The panel and substrate of the titanium crystal door panel are very stable even in harsh environments, completely waterproof and never deformed. Antibacterial property: The unique anti-fouling property of nano-glass makes the titanium crystal door plate dry for a long time. Combined with the high-density material of titanium crystal door plate, bacteria and viruses are difficult to stay in the titanium crystal door plate, and there is no survival condition.

Anti-destructive: The utensils used in the kitchen can not cause damage to the titanium crystal door panels, because the titanium crystal door panels and other wood material door panels are incomparable in hardness. The titanium crystal door plate fundamentally eliminates the common problems such as lacquering, falling off, blistering and scratching of the wooden material door panel.

Fire resistance: The whole of the titanium crystal door plate is made of high temperature resistant material, especially your glass. The surface layer has a high temperature resistance of more than 1400 degrees, which makes it have very good flame retardant ability.

Titanium crystal door cabinet advantages and disadvantages: shortcomings

Since the manufacturing process of titanium crystal door panels is exquisite, the materials are more precious, so the price of titanium crystal door cabinets is relatively high, and the general material Compared with the price of cabinets, the cost is relatively high for ordinary people.
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