Three performance and quality assurance for door and window selection

When decorating the home, we have to install windows and doors. The installation of doors and windows should not only be considered in conjunction with the home, but also its quality and wind resistance. The types of doors and windows are more, and the decorative effects are quite different. How do you choose them?

  1: windproof is the most important
   door and window purchase, stability is the key factor for windproof doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows are made of titanium magnesium alloy Its strength and rigidity are strong, and in the face of strong winds, the window will become a safety line for the home.

   Door and window purchase, in addition to the frame material and opening method, the thickness of the glass affects the airtightness of the door and window. Generally speaking, the double glass aluminum alloy doors and windows have better airtightness. Common double glass doors and windows, the thickness of the glass is 5mm or 4mm, the thickness of the insulated aluminum strip is generally 6mm, 9mm and 12mm, 15mm.

  2: Watertightness should not be neglected
  doors and windows to buy, have good water tightness, so that the doors and windows still keep the interior dry in the face of storms There is no trouble with water seepage. Among the doors and windows of various materials, aluminum alloy doors and windows have better watertightness.

  The glass of doors and windows can be selected as hollow glass, which is effectively sealed between several layers of glass, and is filled with a desiccant that absorbs moisture to make the presence of water vapor and dust in the glass. .

  3: airtight gender 觑
   door and window purchase, good airtight doors and windows, consider the use of plastic steel insulation window, double or even three Layer of vacuum Low-E glass, plus double rubber seals, so that doors and windows are both windproof and heat-insulated,

  doors and windows to buy, in addition to materials, the door and window switch mode also determines the seal The key factor of sex. The flat-opening window uses a three-sealing structure with a hard seal and two soft seals to give the window a good airtightness and watertightness. For the door, the embedded sliding door has high air tightness and good sealing performance.

  4: See the quality is guaranteed
  When buying windows and doors, pay attention to the following points:

  (1) The flatness of the welded joints, to see whether the inner and outer corner seams are flush, and the diagonal difference of the plastic steel doors and windows is not more than 3Mm.

  (2)Look at hardware accessories, good door and window hardware accessories feel thick, surface protection layer is dense, shiny, no scratch marks.

  (3) Check the material. When buying plastic steel doors and windows, you can bring a magnet. If it can be attached to it, it means that the door and window are reinforced steel.

  (4) Look at the buffer rubber, cushion rubber and anti-collision glue to protect the door from strong collision.
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