This bowl of Mapo tofu may be better than Chen’s.

Mapo tofu, one of the traditional dishes of Sichuan cuisine, is an introductory dish that every household in Sichuan has to do. It was founded in the first year of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty. In 1862, the tofu burned by a restaurant owner at the Wanfu Bridge in Chengdu was popular among people. Because it was slightly numb, the dish was called “Ma Po Tofu.” Over the past 100 years, this dish has been improved. Not only has Chen Jia adjusted the formula many times, but also changed the beef in the ingredients to pork, then changed the beef, and then added the bean paste. Many Sichuan cuisine chefs also continuously researched and developed this dish. Innovation.

This year’s “2018 World Sichuan Cuisine Cooking Skills Competition” held in Chengdu, there is another Sichuan cuisine master to Ma Po Tofu puts forward the challenge, that is, from the “Red Spice Restaurant”, which has 32 years of experience in catering and has won many international awards. It has established “Silver and “Nanbei” two high-end catering The brand’s “Shandong artisan Xu Xiaohong.” This Ma Po tofu has conquered the taste buds of international judges on the stage of the world Sichuan cuisine and won the gold medal.


Only Tofu Beef and Vegetable Oil

In the late Qing Dynasty, it was known as the famous food in Chengdu

The family has thousands of flavors, and the Chuan people of every household have the most delicious Mapo tofu in their hearts. And this delicious source is the Chengdu catering industry “ Chen Mapo tofu, one of the representatives of the Chinese time-honored brand.

Chen Mapo tofu original name & ldquo; Chen Xingsheng rice shop, opened in Chengdu Wanfu Bridge, the owner early, The small hotel is run by the proprietress, and the female boss has a little numb on the face, which is called Chen Mapo. The Wanfu Bridge was a wooden bridge that spanned the Fu River and was not long but quite wide. There are often traffickers who are walking, and the people who carry the coolies under the car are resting and tipping. These people often buy some tofu, beef, and then pick up some vegetable oil from the oil scorpion and ask the boss to process it. A long time, Chen has a unique cooking skill for cooking tofu, which is very popular among people. Chen’s cooked tofu is famous. Appetites tend to be poems in the end of the Qing Dynasty: “Ma Po Chen’s name is still famous, tofu is the most refined, Wanfu Bridge side curtain shadow, He Chunchun drunk. The literati singer often meets here. If there is a good thing, the person who sees the boss on the face will play Chen Mapo tofu, and the restaurant will be named “Chen Ma Po Tofu”. According to the “Chengdu Overview”, Chen Mapo’s tofu was recorded as a famous food in Chengdu in the late Qing Dynasty.

During the Anti-Japanese War, Mapo Tofu went out of Sichuan in the rear of the country and was recognized by the people of the country. In the early days of liberation, it was caught by a large number of warlord chefs in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and even To Japan. After the reform and opening up, with the development of tourism, Mapo tofu was brought to all parts of the world. Unfortunately, there are many counterfeiters at home and abroad. Many of the Mapo tofu made by Sichuan Restaurant are not worthy of the name.

It is particularly worth mentioning that in 2005, the Chinese and foreign culinary worlds were shocked by the 6.14 fire. The 100-year-old store Chen Mapo Tofu Qingyang Store was smashed by the fire next door. It was fortunate that the new store was opened to Xinhua Avenue. Now Chen Mapo Tofu has opened a chain model and has chain stores in Beijing and Tokyo.


Beef Pork with Bovine Spinal Cord

Adding Starch Sauce Water Starch in the 1960s

For more than 100 years, hemp The famous dish of Po Tofu can be described as several improvements. Chen Jia also adjusted the formula several times, changed the beef in the ingredients to pork, then changed the beef, and then added the bean paste. Many Sichuan cuisine chefs also continued to develop and innovate this dish. .

And this year in Chengdu, the “2018 World Sichuan Cuisine Cooking Skills Competition”, there was another Mapo Tofu, which conquered the taste buds of international judges and won the gold medal. “We have added the bovine spinal cord to the tofu, which is mellow, spicy and tender! Xu Xiaohong revealed.

A lot of famous dishes won’t really enter our lives, or they’re only hidden in expensive The fine dining restaurant is either limited daily, and some are even short-lived on the jury’s table. The diners in Chengdu are fortunate because they will soon be able to taste this delicious food in the upgraded “Red Chili” restaurant.

Xu Xiaohong, who has the reputation of Sichuan cuisine, introduced the new restaurant “Red Chixiang”, which was founded in 2004 by the old store “Xu Ji Jia Po”, after more than 10 years of development. Xu Xiaohong decided to upgrade the store and brand, but still retain the original delicious. After the upgrade, “Red Spice Restaurant” will launch this golden award-winning Mapo Tofu as a signboard and egg to welcome new and old guests.


Inheriting and Developing Sichuan Culture in Innovation

In fact, this is not the first time Xu Xiaohong has participated in the World Sichuan Cuisine Culinary Skills Competition. As early as 2016, Participated in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and won a gold medal. One of the award-winning dishes was particularly popular with a sour soup. The sauerkraut is taken from the authentic Sichuan sauerkraut, together with the lime that is commonly used in western food. The sauerkraut fish that people usually make will have a distinct taste. It is said that the judges have finished drinking the soup.

Graduation Xu Xiaohong of Sichuan Culinary College (now Sichuan Tourism College) has been teaching at his alma mater for many years, and the students are all over the world. Why do you study?What kind of dishes are common people such as Mapo tofu and pickled fish? “The Sichuan culture is more innovative and needs to be passed down. He smiled, “this is also the reason why I upgraded Xu Kejia’s dish for the red incense —— pay tribute to the centennial Sichuan cuisine, and strive to build a century-old Sichuanese restaurant that can be passed down from generation to generation. It is also the spirit of his research, he was affectionately referred to as “Shandong artisans.”

In addition to the predecessor’s “Xu Kee’s family food”, in fact, Xu Xiaohong There are also two high-end restaurants that have become “net red”: “Yinba and “Nanbei”. Yinba is mainly engaged in the development of Chinese and Western fusion Sichuan cuisine, while Nanbei is responsible for deep excavation to create Tianfu taste.

Xu Xiaohong bluntly said, “It’s ingenuity to make a fine Sichuan cuisine. We must not only be a net red, but also a classic. He has his own business philosophy and planning for his brand, “Red Spice is the classic heritage of Sichuan cuisine, Nanbei is the Tianfu flavor development, and Yinba is the innovative culture of Sichuan cuisine that will create the future between China and the West. In the past, present and future, Xu Xianghong, who has been in the business for 32 years, said that he hopes that the inheritance of Sichuan cuisine will be carried forward in the future.

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