This bathroom design meets all your fantasies

The application of computer design subverts the conservative image of traditional tiles and mosaics, making the walls of the bathroom vivid and glamorous. The application of new waterproof materials gives more choices in space. The maturity of the technology makes the transition of the space easier, and the terrace is transformed into a bathroom that brings sunlight and a healthy bathing method to the home at the same time.

1. The highest level of fusion

One side is a modern bathing space, one side is a Chinese-style wall cabinet, the beautiful carved wooden door and the opposite mirror sliding door form sharp contrast. Just as those old houses with a long history, after the necessary modern decoration, the new and the old, the modern and the classical blend, creating a complex and low-key aesthetic. To do this kind of spanning, pay attention to the collection and accumulation of household items, and pay attention to unification and deletion when placing.

2. Simple color material multi-color

Black and white is an eternal fashion color. In such a classic space, you can choose the same style, but the shape, Furniture with different colors and textures. The soft leather walls in the dry areas of the bathroom, the mosaic of the wet area mosaics, the sleek glass chandeliers and the clean lines of the sanitary ware are all simple and full of tension, creating a rich space.

3. The emotional combination of private space

The pursuit of unrestrained personality liberation, to find a living space that belongs to oneself. The fully open bathroom is integrated into the bedroom, with only the ceiling and the position of the green plants for recessive partitioning. The walls behind the bathtub are decorated with mosaics in a square pattern, which is both a moisture-proof treatment and a surrounding gray gravel. The wall forms a unity of color.

4. The alliance between wood and stone

The smooth and smooth stone fills the entire bathroom, although the furry carpet is used to make up for this cold, but there is no How much weight. Therefore, in the corner of the bathroom, the sauna adds warmth to the bathroom. In the construction of the bathroom, the steady stone and the affinity wood are different in personality, but they belong to the natural material family, so there will be a sense of freshness in the visual. But the sense of touch and emotion are easy to ensure harmony.

5. Naturally entering the room, inside and outside unbounded

Women’s banana tree, rough stone platform, looks like the outside garden was moved into the house . From ecological products to ecological homes, with the improvement of the environmental awareness of the Chinese people, more and more people have introduced the green concept of maintaining ecological balance into life. Compared with the traditional design, ‘ecological home’ pays more attention to the physiological and psychological health in the living room, and has a more reasonable overall planning in the naturalness, materials, humidity and temperature of the indoor space, so that it is higher and wider. A comfortable, natural living feel is created in the range.

6.Return to the original ecology

Change the terrace into a bathroom, bright zenith lighting, wooden tub in the middle of the bathroom, rough stone floor And a screen with a strong ethnic totem-like decorative pattern, combined into a rustic, natural and original atmosphere. The inspiration for this style was originally derived from the vast land of Africa. The original eco-styled rooms appeared in urban dwellings, making the city’s new dignitaries search for the space that comes back to basics.

7.The window full of flowers

The thick stone and the light glass make the bathroom full and simple, without too much decoration, but with Chinese The carved window sashes create a rich romantic atmosphere. Through the engraved light and shadow, the original straight light becomes rich, simple and soft, and the two different styles are subtly combined because of the integration of the sun. The wooden sash is neither afraid of water nor light, which is incomparable with fabric curtains.

8. Practical and warm

Some people say that romance and practicality can’t have both. Now you have to change this view. The natural transition between different materials and different styles allows the bathroom to have a fairytale effect while the original function is not destroyed. The lower part of the wall replaces the wallpaper with tiles, which can extend the life of the wallpaper and facilitate cleaning. The intervention of the wooden floor and the wooden ceiling can make up for the coldness of the tiles, making the original four-walled wall comfortable and warm.
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