There have been many incidents of lost passports in Singapore recently., July 14th According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in Singapore, the summer vacation in 2019 has arrived, and Chinese citizens have entered the peak period of overseas travel. The Chinese Embassy in Singapore reminds Chinese tourists to enjoy the beauty, taste and relax in Singapore while not neglecting safety and civilization issues, paying particular attention to the following:

Screenshot from the website of the Chinese Embassy in Singapore

Pay attention to the entry requirements. Before entering the country, please make sure that the visa information is correct and consistent with the passport; ensure that the purpose of the entry is consistent with the type of visa, and prepare the hotel-order, return ticket and other materials related to the itinerary in advance for the immigration office to check; Relevant regulations, avoid carrying prohibited items (such as chewing gum, electronic cigarettes, endangered wildlife and their products, obscene pornographic publications and videos, pirated publications); keep passports and other documents, especially after filling in the immigration card on the plane. Keep your passport. In the near future, many passports have been lost, causing the entry of the parties to be blocked. If you bring cigarettes into the country, please declare and pay taxes to the Singapore Customs. Otherwise, you may be fined. If you bring more than 20,000 SGD in cash, you need to declare it to the customs.

Second, pay attention to wading safety. Singapore is hot all year round, hotels usually have swimming pools, and there are beaches and water recreation facilities in the scenic area. In recent years, there have been many incidents of casualties caused by Chinese tourists accidentally drowning in the hotel swimming pool. Remind everyone to carefully read the safety instructions at the edge of the pool or on the shore before entering the water. It is strictly forbidden to drink water after drinking. Do not swim in places and time where swimming is prohibited. When participating in a wading tourism project, you must choose a qualified tourism institution and personnel to listen to. Professional guidance; when swimming at the beach, choose a zone where lifeguards are on duty, and must not cross the cordon, swimming in unfamiliar waters or at night.

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