There are so many models of living room chandeliers that are not enough for you to choose?

Life requires a sense of ritual, and there is a house to have a life. Even a small house can be combined to create a comfortable and transparent view. For decoration, the living room is the most important part of the whole decoration. The style of the living room is destined. The style and grade of the whole decoration, light decoration and heavy decoration, the soft-fit of the living room is particularly important, and a good-looking chandelier can also add a lot of color to the whole living room. What kind of living room chandelier is popular in 2018? The following styles of chandeliers make the living room look good and stylish!
Nordic style simple chandelier

The simple and transparent of the Nordic style has already penetrated into the hearts of many young people. Maybe you have no idea about the decoration style. It is simple without a simple sentence. Simple, it is seen from the simple lighting, its exquisite and extraordinary, Nordic style chandeliers are the interpretation of the ornament.

Magic bean chandelier

Like a string of pearls, dazzling, pearls always give a sense of a small family jasper, ancient people like to use Pearl as a decoration, whether it is clothes, jewelry, etc., this chandelier like a pearl, there is a sense of creating the ultimate warm home.

Magic bean bubble chandelier

Three-dimensional light frame shape, full of symmetrical physical aesthetics, the overall shape is simple and design sense, show A minimalist industrial style. The dreamy magic bean shade design injects the fashion elements into the chandelier, which becomes a highlight of the chandelier and highlights the creativity.

American style elegant chandelier

American free and easy, close to the comfort of nature, is the desire of all young people, its chandelier naturally continues this Free and warm style, each shape can see the shadow of nature, from the ubiquitous things in life to create an ordinary but not uncommon lighting.

American retro candle chandelier

The design of the candle and candlestick is adopted, and the Nordic style is more. The lines are smooth and full, and with the metallic luster of the upper jaw, the appearance is stronger, and the lighting plays a role in decoration. The basic structure made of metal iron has a very strong bearing capacity, allowing the chandelier to hang more stably on the wall.

American copper bird chandelier

The smart bird shape decoration, embellished on the light stand, the lines are smooth, with a fresh and lively natural charm. The dark brown cloth lampshade smudges the bright lights into warm yellow at night, and protects the eyes while creating a warm and cozy home atmosphere.

Industrial style retro chandelier

Retro is a memory of the past, a commemoration of the past, saying that retro is based on black and white ash, which inevitably gives people a dull The sense is that for young people who are fond of pursuing new things, it is inevitable that they are not energetic, but modern neo-classical has got rid of this dullness, and let the industrial style live without losing the retro.

Dove Jane European industrial chandelier

There are like one pigeon standing alone, they are firmly looking ahead, as if they are thinking, a chandelier The most needed is the creative, black body, enough to show his texture, gold as a decoration or embellishment, make the overall look very harmonious.

Industrial plumbing chandelier

The art creates taste, which is dominated by water pipes, beautiful lines, like pipes but unremarkable cheesy, golden embellishments, The black texture, it all seems to tell us its uniqueness, let a lamp achieve the difference everywhere.

It can be seen that in the trend of home decoration in 2018, the lighting style tends to be simple and artistic, perhaps because of the high housing prices or the pressure of life, people need more simple and concise design.
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