The youths on both sides of the strait are listed in the European Dream Practice Base

On the afternoon of September 23, the cross-strait youth film and television practice base was listed in the Ouhai Economic Development Zone. Member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, former Chairman of the National Taiwan Federation, Shi Maolin, Chen Liqian, Director of the National Taiwan Union Policy Research Office, Honorary Chairman of the Taiwan Cultural and Creative Industry Alliance Association, Li Yongping, former Vice Mayor of Taipei, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, Minister of United Front, Pan Xiaoyong, Chinese Dream Mr. Luo Hongbin, President of the Promotion Association, Chairman Luo Junhong of the Taiwan Glory Promotion Association, and Assistant Director Chen Yong of the China Innovation and Enrichment Development Association attended the unveiling ceremony. On the same day, a cross-strait film and television cultural base construction exchange meeting was held.

As an entrepreneurial element, the integrator, film and television practice base combines the resources of the government, universities, enterprises and society to give cross-strait youth film and television Cultural entrepreneurship and employment have more room for development. Provide a full range of services from entrepreneurial consulting, project incubation, policy support, training to financial support. We will build a characteristic industrial system with cultural innovation as the pillar, promote the deep integration of economic, cultural and social cross-straits, strengthen cross-strait cultural exchanges and cooperation, and carefully build coastal film and television culture brands to form a new situation of cross-strait cultural cooperation.

The head of the Taiwanese Youth Film and Television Practice Base, Taiwan’s head of the Youth League of Taiwan’s China Dream Promotion Association, Lu Xinshou, told reporters that the base will be Wen The youths of Taiwan and Taiwan set up a platform for film and television culture innovation, and opened up online and offline to create music and film production, communication, talent training, shopping, cultural and creative extension products, etc. “One-stop industrial chain. “The base can be landed in Wenzhou, largely because of the strong support of the local government departments. The Taiwan and Taiwan-level Taiwan Affairs Offices have been giving us great help during the early docking and construction. Lu Xinshou said: At present, regardless of whether Chen Shui-bian is on stage or Tsai Ing-wen is on stage, the atmosphere of “everything in the middle of the country, especially after the Democratic Progressive Party took office, will fully promote the “Traditional Taiwan independence” campaign. Using the media, operating the professionalism of each university to generate negative tools to exaggerate the misunderstanding of cross-strait historical misinterpretations, inciting ignorant populists to oppose and oppose. Therefore, there are 89 schools affiliated with Taiwan’s film and television related departments. These groups of students who are about to graduate from these related departments are introduced to Wenzhou Coast Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (cross-strait film and television incubator base) to cultivate talents and cultivate majors with professional performance film and television mode. Providing expertise in the mainland market, Taiwanese youth can correctly understand the Chinese civilization through thousands of years of culture, cultivate correct core values, and disseminate information that condenses positive energy back to Taiwan so that Taiwanese youth can correctly understand Chinese culture and the mainland market. The film industry culture and entertainment for the cross-strait youth is an indispensable entertainment activity in the daily life and even the whole world. The mainland culture can be quickly integrated into the daily life of Taiwanese youth. Many thanks to the leadership relationship and support at all levels. It is reported that after the base is listed, it is preparing a reality show. Chen Zhengfeng, the president of the global city image ambassador and the city’s Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau competition, also said that he will deliver film and television talents to the cross-strait film and television base.

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