The wind is blowing, bringing a new force

The three exhibitions in Dongguan, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, which took turns starting on March 16th, will be closed to Guangzhou Customs Exhibition and Shanghai Construction on March 28th. At the fair, we can see that many custom companies and even non-customized companies are vying to extend categories, expand space, emphasize creativity, and promote life.

Single sales around the living room, bedroom space, etc. The finished or customized model seems to lose its charm, and the more intense competition for the whole assembly is on the verge.

What is the whole package? The whole package is all-inclusive, including basic, hard-to-soft, and even some enterprises have extended to electrical appliances and accessories in their scope, realizing the whole house in the whole house and bag.

There are many reasons for the emergence of the self-installation model, one of which is the consumption habits of the new generation of consumers.

Convenient consumer channels, fast buying patterns and comfortable consumer experiences have become the core appeal of young people, how much can be spent What kind of result, the consumer behavior is simple and clear, no longer investing a lot of time and energy in the decoration like the previous generation.

Before, the decoration of the home decoration combined with Tencent Home’s “2018 China Home Furnishing Design Trend White Paper” shows that the choice of decoration methods On the other hand, the proportion of “hands-on-hand, self-determination” was 20.81%, and “all house decoration, bag-in-the-stay” was 39.6%, of which 80% accounted for 43.57% and 90% accounted for 38.93%. It can be seen that after 80s and 90s, it has become the main consumer group of the whole assembly.


The reason for the arrival of the era of the whole assembly is also the result of the current hardcover housing policy. In this year’s Shenzhen exhibition, the hardcover houses in Hall 5 are dedicated to the residential model houses for different people and different functions. It greatly satisfies the needs of all sectors of society and is an excellent proof of the hardcover housing policy.

In the scene exhibited in Hall 5, it is so large that it can be lifted intelligently, as small as a beautiful one in the cabinet. Vases are an important part of the “fitting”.

But the concept of assembly is not proposed this year. As early as 17 years, there were whole-house custom-made enterprises that launched a full-load cloud platform. By 2018, more and more enterprises began to join the ranks of the whole assembly, and they all launched a one-stop home space solution. Start sweeping the custom enterprise.

Not long ago, Guangdong Sanzhan, a full-house custom-made enterprise “second-generation full-house custom business model” launched, “satisfaction The core model of “one-stop demand for consumers” and “customized by all categories” has been recognized by more and more custom companies.

The idea is beautiful, but the transition is difficult.

While providing one-stop service for consumers, as much as possible to sell products and increase customer value, increase the economic efficiency of the store, for the custom furniture companies that are now in a downturn It is a relish, but if you want to win this market, the investment of the company is very huge.

1. The whole set of products means that the variety of products sold by the company is growing. Without the benign support of the factory backstage, the delivery will eventually be delayed. A series of problems such as declining quality and product errors.

Even if companies can use OEM or strategic cooperation to improve the product supply chain, how to standardize production is still a challenge.

2, “three points by product, seven points by service” to describe the whole package and then close. The production and delivery of products is only a small part of the entire transaction process. How to make consumers experience comfortable and caring services is also an urgent problem for many customized enterprises that want to go to the whole package.

In the current situation, many custom companies will have more or less to produce and deliver custom furniture.With fewer problems, the whole-installation model may still be difficult in the face of the huge demand for the whole package.

3, there were companies in the early days of exploring the whole installation, encountering the embarrassment of dealers not to buy. The integration of the whole installation is not only to improve the front-end operational capability, but also to copy the entire commercial system, bring the whole-installation model into the dealer sales scene, and create a new business model, which still has a long way to go for the enterprise.

Every transformation and upgrade of the furniture industry requires at least 2-3 years of precipitation and continuous improvement to determine whether it meets the current market. Development Law.

How to integrate the upstream and downstream resources of the industry, make up for the short supply of the product supply chain, and improve the service quality, which is the need for the enterprise to solve the problem when it is crossed. A big problem.

package or just niche games

It is a good idea for custom furniture companies to use the whole equipment as a new breakthrough to explore the market consumption potential.

But in the market competition of product homogenization, if the product can not be differentiated, it is necessary to change the soft color, Selling small items such as lamp vases is not enough to impress consumers.

At the same time, if the company can’t integrate all the resources into a part of the brand, develop a standardized production line, but instead In the name of taking the order and then handing it over to the outsourcing, then the whole assembly mode will be meaningless.

Renovation is an important part of the whole installation, but the current domestic decoration industry’s labor efficiency and decoration mode is still relatively inefficient At the stage, it is difficult for enterprises to unify the standards between different regions, which makes it difficult to achieve national expansion, making it difficult for enterprises to break through the development bottleneck.

This model has higher requirements for both the business and the consumer, and the consumer is completely handing over the home to the other party, naturally Will choose a more reliable brand, so ultimately occupy a large market share, and ultimately are those powerful head companies.

Considering the degree of market acceptance, due to the special nature of customization, how to balance the high price with the price acceptable to the public The problem between the two is also a big test for the enterprise.

There is still a lot of questions and problems to be solved, and facing home improvement companies and real estate. The diversion of merchants, custom-made enterprises or finished furniture companies in the direction of the whole assembly is still difficult.

But it is undeniable that the self-contained model can really bring consumers a refreshing experience and feeling, especially at present The consumer’s development potential for the housing is not to be underestimated.

The trend of the whole year is so hot that it seems to be on the stage of the times, but it still takes a lot of time To perfect its own model, it can become a cutting edge for opening up new markets.


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