The whole platform outputs four parts of resources, which is in essence to win the benefits of “franchisees”.

After the incident of home-run e-station, there were media dealers who have been engaged in the Internet packaging industry for many years. He introduced the specific interests of the Internet installation platform and franchisees to reporters.

What does the self-installation platform output to the franchisee?

Generally speaking, after the franchise fee or shares are acquired, the package platform generally exports four parts of resources to the franchisee. The first is management, which is almost all the services that the industry will provide. From the store image, process management and personnel training, to the shopping guide skills, software use and store display, it is all-inclusive. The dealer said that the management output of the home improvement e station is relatively weak, which is not only reflected in the case of Zhou Dongdong running, but also reflected in the previous counterfeit brand deeds. The most common is that the franchisees who are not renewing the contract are still using the brand operation of the home improvement e station, until the storm headquarters is aware of the seriousness of the problem, it can be seen that the headquarters control and control of the terminal market is not in place.

The second is the most important quality supply chain, which is a great tool to attract franchisees and capital markets. In order to effectively organize more well-known building materials brands, many home improvement companies have expanded their distribution stores in the early stage, so the quality standards of dealers have been lowered. The dealer also said that the home improvement e station can be used in a short period of time to “out the main package” design package and “the construction package package advantages, but also thanks to the rapid expansion of 500 stores. However, reducing the quality screening of franchisees has finally become one of the reasons for the scandals today. It is not accidental that the franchisees are running.

The third output of the service is traffic, which is a unique advantage of the Internet installation platform. In addition to Tuba Rabbit and, the early start of the home improvement e station borrowing the Tmall platform also accumulated considerable traffic. This is one of the most important factors for franchisees, because there will be orders and revenues with traffic. However, the traffic received by the headquarters is not provided to the franchisee free of charge. The dealer revealed to the Pan Home Network that every traffic provided by the headquarters is charged, but the way the fees are reflected is different.

Finally, financial services, this depends on the size of the company and the relationship with the bank. If the headquarters can provide financial services, it will definitely increase the attractiveness of the brand, which is naturally a good thing for the franchisees. Two days before the first home network, it just announced that it has joined hands with CCB to build a home-made P2P platform for financial decoration, which will expand the service group and improve service quality.

Platform: Creating profitable growth points

The dealer said that at this stage, the profitability of the Internet installation platform is not optimistic. From the perspective of the four major export projects, the revenue of the Internet installation platform seems to be only the initial fee. In terms of materials, in order to quickly seize market share and continuously reduce prices, there is almost no profit. Then it is to use the platform’s traffic advantage to sell traffic to franchisees, but the high cost of such things as Tuba Rabbit and Qijia Online’s thousands of sales personnel also makes this profit point disappear. Therefore, a large number of self-contained platforms still rely on the relief of the capital market, but the larger platform has begun to look for new growth points.

How to find interest growth points? The Guangdong dealer said that the most common is to start with the joining method. With the development of the Internet assembly industry, the integration of different types of installation platforms and franchisees has also changed, from the simple form of franchise fees to profitability, and even the way of partners. Among them, the mode is the most common, that is, each time a dealer completes a single order, he must deliver part of the profit to the headquarters. The percentage is inversely proportional to the basic franchise fee. As a result, the franchise conditions can be reduced to achieve a rapid layout, which not only expands the scale to attract capital but also optimizes the supply chain. But for franchisees, the compression of profits will only make them more and more bitter.

To add insult to injury, in addition to the commissioned model, the Internet installation platform will take a certain percentage of the deposit in order to protect the interests of customers, some up to 50%, in case of subsequent project monitoring or complaints. Although the money will eventually return to the dealer’s hands, but in the period of 2 to 4 months, the value created by this cash is not a life-saving for the dealers? This phenomenon is also reflected in the home station e station . After Zhou Dongdong’s run-off incident, Love Honeycomb E-Commerce Co., Ltd. issued a statement stating that all the owners who signed the relevant contracts with the company’s authorized city operators and paid the relevant payments through the designated Alipay or e-jiabao after placing the orders through the Tmall flagship store, Our company will open a reception window to handle it one after another. It can be seen that the customer’s deposit first passes through the installation platform, and then enters the franchisee’s account in batches. In this long process, the value created by a large amount of cash flow is quite high.

Dealer: Arms are not too big thighs

Under such demanding rules, franchisees naturally have a solution. So how is the strategy? When asked about this question, the dealer said for a while that it was an order transfer, that is, signing a contract with another customer-owned company that is solely owned by the customer. For example, Zhou Dongdong, a Jinan operator of the home improvement e station, is operating like this. In the contract with which the customer signed a contract, there are four different official seals. It can be seen that this operation mode has reached a point of perfection. However, skipping the whole platform means that the company cannot provide the high-quality supply chain provided by the company, and it is difficult to achieve profitability under the price system of the Internet.

Why is it difficult to make a profit? In fact, the reason is very simple. The price of the Internet is very low, even lower than the so-called F2C model. For example, the 699 package that I loved earlier, is a great challenge for traditional assembly companies. Therefore, for private dealers with weaker strengths, the lack of material integration capabilities, design capabilities, financial services and other aspects will only increase operational risks.

So many Internet franchisees only honestly follow the rules set by the platform, although they are thin but at leastIt can move forward with the company’s pace. The dealer said, according to Zhou Dongdong’s operation, although he can escape the “exploitation” of the headquarters, but under the extremely low price system, he has to find ways to reduce costs, such as forging false companies to avoid taxes (Zhou Dongdong’s four Only one company is legal.) According to People’s Daily, Zhou Dongdong owed nearly 30 suppliers’ goods before the road, which is expected to be more than 1 million. This shows that the business outside the home station is not ideal.

In summary, although the Internet installation platform can provide management, supply chain, traffic and financial services for franchisees, each of them requires franchisees to pay the corresponding price. But in retrospect, the platform is not profitable by the content of these outputs? In a certain sense, this ability to hematopoietic is also a magic weapon to win the capital, and ultimately the only franchisee friends.

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