The specialty of the Chengdu culture brand “Panda Cover Bowl” behind the specialty master Xia Ke and the craftsman Liao Tianlang

Chengdu Wubao Tianhua and Dijie Renling have been influenced by the Central Plains culture since the Shang and Zhou Dynasties. There are countless cultural heritages and historical sites are scattered. In 2018, under the legacy of many cultures, a new business card for Chengdu culture was born. The panda cover bowl was born, and the pandas and the bowls were used as the carrier. Unique leisure culture.

The appearance of the panda cover bowl has a certain chance, but this accident comes from two different fields. The collision of thoughts.

The master of domestic specialties, also the founder of Chengdu Guge Dynasty, Xia Ke, had already developed the idea of ​​making a bowl of tea culture products seven or eight years ago. According to the local tea culture characteristics of Chengdu, consider To the possibility of upgrading the bowl of tea, together with the founder of the fire marks and firewood brand, Liao Tianlang, a traditional wood-burning skill practitioner, created a cup-free cup and solved the problem of functional use of the bowl of tea. In March of this year, the two men joined forces again. After 8 months, through repeated negotiations, scrutiny, polishing, and trials, it was only in November that such a hot market could be launched. The Panda Cover Bowl is also a new one. Chengdu City Business Card!


Liao Tianlang

This unprecedented cross-border cooperation, the former is The design industry has won internationally honoured masters of special products. The latter is the founder of the Fire Mark Firewood brand, and adheres to the practice of traditional wood burning skills. Their joint efforts are undoubtedly the collision of two ideological fields, which will be Tianfu culture and traditional firewood. The combination of burning skills has enabled the creation of panda bowls with local characteristics and cultural colors.

In the view of Xia Ke’s teacher, “Panda’s creativity and craftsmanship are equally important. In the past, no cups and cups satisfy the habits of modern consumers. So on the basis of the original bowl of tea, how to Into the most representative Chengdu culture? In the representative elements of Chengdu, Xia Ke chose Panda, an international business card, transformed into a precious representative of the city with the panda’s embarrassing animal image, and in the creative and design In addition, the integration of the culture of the round, through the simplest design to express the most complex culture, therefore, the design of the panda cover bowl must be the ultimate and difficult to transcend.

In the view of Teacher Liao Tianlang, this panda cover bowl with Shake’s cross-border cooperation is heavy. The best way to shape consumer perception is that the new form of traditional art expression is on the one hand heritage and on the other hand it is carried forward and innovative. The perfect combination of man, earth and fire is a natural and simple thing. For Liao Tianlang, his role in the panda bowl is more post-production. The requirements are material selection and craftsmanship. The materials are from Buddha statues and Guanyin. The white porcelain on the very fine objects such as statues, through the standard fine production process, has high controllability, and the success rate of the produced works is also very beautiful.

As a carrier of Chengdu culture, the Panda Cover Bowl will not only showcase the natural culture of Chengdu, but also the creative design. In the process also performed to the fullest. It is undeniable that the collaboration between Xia Ke and Liao Tianlang has produced a perfect collision between creativity and craftsmanship, which is bound to set off a good trend in the cultural and creative world!

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