The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the violent conflict in Ukraine is actually an attempt to seize power

Xinhuanet Moscow February 20 (Reporter Yue Lianguo) Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Lukashev said on the 20th that the violent conflict in Ukraine is “in an attempt to launch a national coup or force to seize power”.

Lukashevich said at the press conference that the extremists should bear the main responsibility for the violent clashes and bloodshed in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital. The Ukrainian opposition should also bear a great responsibility for this. The Russian side demanded that the Ukrainian opposition leaders ensure that the bloody conflicts should be stopped as soon as possible, and that the means of peacefully resolving the political crisis in Uzbekistan should continue to be pursued without threats or ultimatums.

Lukashevich said that the current crisis in Ukraine should be resolved by the current regime under the powers conferred by the Constitution, and Russia does not interfere in Ukraine to resolve the crisis. He also pointed out that the current contacts between Russia and Ukraine in various fields are still continuing, and the two sides plan to continue to deepen economic cooperation.

In response to the U.S. announcement of sanctions against Ukrainian officials responsible for “responsible for bloody conflicts”, Lukashevich stressed that such unilateral sanctions are not legal from the perspective of international law. The Russian side believes that sanctions will only exacerbate tensions in Ukraine.

In late November last year, Ukraine broke out of political crisis as a result of the government’s decision to suspend the signing of an agreement with the European Union. The political situation continued to turmoil to this day. On the 18th of this month, the most serious violent clashes in Kiev in the past three months have caused many deaths and injuries, including military police and journalists. On the 20th, a new conflict broke out in the Independence Square in the center of Kiev. According to the latest figures released by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, as of the evening of the 20th, violent clashes caused 67 deaths and 562 injuries, including 13 police officers.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

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