The purchasing of imported flooring is miserable?

In recent years, with the rapid development of the purchasing industry, driven by the interests, some people have started the purchase of imported flooring, and some consumers who are greedy “cheap” have been unknowingly flicked to the “pit” of purchasing the floor. In the end, the end result is often dumb to eat berberine, miserable.
Before you get to the point, let’s share a case with you:

Recently, Xiao Cheng (name), who was just in the new house, encountered troubles about the floor. Half a year ago, Xiaocheng began the renovation of the new house with joy. Because it is intended to be used as a wedding room, Xiaocheng is very concerned about the quality of home improvement. Seeing that the decoration is going well, the problem is on the floor.

The original Xiaocheng is a veteran Haitao family. Usually, many clothes and shoes are purchased from abroad. So in the purchase of the floor, Xiaocheng Lingji also thought about the foreign trade from foreign countries, and found a foreign trader to do a certain imported floor purchase, and inquired about the installation of the package, which can make Xiaocheng music broken, I thought I earned it. As a result, the house has been renovated for a long time, and the floor is still late. There is no news. Xiaocheng can’t sit still. From the online inquiry once a day to a few phone calls a day, I finally waited online every day. After several twists and turns, I finally waited for the floor. In the past two days, several young men claimed to install the floor. After opening the floor packaging, they began to lay the pavement. When they were halfway through, they found that the floor had a color difference. So Xiaocheng called the foreign trade company to negotiate, and the attitude of the foreign trade company plummeted. Can not afford the goods; Xiaocheng in the case of helplessness, can only continue to lay the floor, a large area of ​​color difference makes Xiaocheng have the suspicion of fakes. .

Who ever thought that Xiaocheng had a problem with the floor after a few months of staying – many places have different sizes, and some floors even have drums because of squeezing, which is even worse. Yes, Xiaocheng once again suspected that the floor might be a fake.

Indignant Xiaocheng went to find the theory of foreign traders. As a result, the other party repeatedly shirked responsibility: “The floor has been inspected face to face, the installation is just an additional service, there is no charge, and the purchase is not “Providing after-sales service”, but the true and false of the goods is not mentioned. And this kind of purchasing behavior, Xiaocheng can not get the protection of the law, and finally Xiaocheng had to swallow his voice, he felt unlucky, only hated himself for a moment to play smart and did not go to the formal domestic operators to buy the floor.

Xiaocheng’s business is a microcosm of many disputes caused by floor purchasing. So why is the floor not suitable for purchasing? The following small series first talk about the “pit” of purchasing floor.

Pit 1: Speaking of smallpox, delivery is not reliable

Floor purchaser in order to win the trust of customers, obtain customer orders, often put their own procurement channels It is very reliable, even saying that he has a perfect procurement “system”, there are hundreds of physical stores in the country and so on. But the reality is that there are two major obstacles that determine the delivery of the purchasing floor can never really be reliable.

The first obstacle was set by the brand floor manufacturer. There are exclusive flooring brands in mainland China, such as Italian Giant Floor (GIANT), German Hano Flooring (HARO), and Austrian Weitzpark (WEITZER PARKETT) and Indonesian Teka Floor (TEKA). Maintaining market order, regulating market operations, ensuring service quality and ensuring long-term healthy development of the brand will not only refuse purchasers’ orders, but also set up various obstacles to prevent purchases from getting goods from their foreign distributors. This allows the purchaser to look for the goods after getting the order, and finally the purchase is not even at the expense of the real, the difference is left.

The second obstacle comes from the transportation of the floor itself. Due to the material of the floor and the shape of the product, importing from abroad usually requires the entire container to be shipped in order to ensure that it is not damaged. The purchase orders are scattered, usually shipped in the form of bulk cargo containers, resulting in high transport breakage rate, which has buried hidden dangers for the entire single delivery.

Pit 2: Listening to special offers, not cheap

The reason why imported floor purchasing can attract individual consumers is because of its claimed “price advantage”. Since there is no physical store rent for purchasing, there is no brand promotion fee, there is no professional paving after-sales team, and even few employees have to pay for their wages. They play purely “karate”, so there is a lot of flexibility in price, especially those. This is especially true for purchases that are imported into furniture by entrainment. But all of this comes at the expense of the customer’s delivery risk, paving risk and maintenance risk.

It is understood that the price of imported floor purchasing is usually 6 – 7 fold of the market price. In order to highlight its price advantage, Purchasing usually first reports the price of the origin of the floor to attract customers, and then talk about it. After the customer is interested, add other seven-eight-eighth fees, such as freight, customs duties, customs clearance fees, etc. In this way, the price that sounded particularly cheap is much higher. If you take into account various problems and hidden dangers that customers don’t know, it is really not cheap to buy the floor, and it is not very worry-free!

Pit 3: Everywhere on the bottom line, the customer is at risk

Imported floor purchasing in order to obtain the trust of customers to obtain orders, often ignore the legal and moral bottom line, and ultimately the customer is Unconsciously taking risks.

As we all know, purchasing is usually not a physical store. However, individual purchases use fraudulent means to make false publicity on the Internet or through WeChat. The national chain store of the exclusive brand of the floor brand is said to be its own physical storefront, allowing customers to see samples, copy the goods, and compare prices. In order to achieve the purpose of shamming, some purchasers use the registered trademarks and product images of brand flooring manufacturers in an unauthorized manner, giving customers a genuine and intuitive feeling. Still purchasingBecause they cannot obtain the certificate of origin of the manufacturer and cannot import it, they simply use the means of forgery to get through. What’s more, individual floor purchases are often smuggled into the furniture because their main business is imported furniture. This eliminates the trouble of the certificate of origin, saves freight and avoids customs duties. This may be the price of a special floor purchase can be a special discount “诀窍”? But all of this is at the expense of the customer’s risk. Because of this operation of the bottom line, once the east window occurs, the delivery of the floor ordered by the customer becomes a big problem.

Pit 4: Unprofessional paving, maintenance is not seen

In the industry, people know that the floor is actually a “semi-finished product”, from the beginning of the color selection and design to the scene Measurements and accessories are reserved. Only with professional paving and thoughtful maintenance services can customers really enjoy the floor. But for the general purchasing, because there is no professional paving and after-sales team, and there is no relevant professional knowledge, so after getting the order and “trying to” get the goods, the method is nothing more than two: one is If you just look for someone to shop, you will finish the job. The case of Xiaocheng in front is like this. The second is to find the brand shop’s paving workers to do “private work”. The former often suffers from installation errors or even damage to the floor due to the fact that the pavers do not understand the special requirements of the brand floor, while the latter cannot provide long-term floor maintenance services because they are secretly dry. This is the reason why purchasing floors often have problems.

Under normal conditions, branded wood flooring can be used for ten or even decades. During this period, due to environmental changes and wear and tear during use, the floor needs to be regularly maintained and repaired in case of problems. Where can I find those purchases at this time?

In summary, although purchasing as an emerging service industry can provide customers with convenience and seemingly price concessions, not all products are suitable for purchasing, especially those Specially rely on professional installation and after-sales services, such as wooden floors.

For imported flooring, for the protection of the brand and the market and the protection of customer service, foreign manufacturers with exclusive operators in China cannot support purchasing, this is the purchase The scheduled delivery poses a huge challenge. The real good brand and good flooring are usually promoted and operated in the Chinese market in the form of exclusive agency. After all, even if you get the original floor, you may not be able to enjoy the quality of the imported. Only by combining with the professional services of the exclusive agent and regular maintenance, can you truly enjoy the high-end quality experience brought by the imported floor.
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