The perfect blend of Portuguese houses and rocks

As a free building material and decorative materials. This seems to be the idea behind the jaw-dropping house, where the Portuguese houses are built on top, down, and a lot of stones around. It proves that housing stone can really stand the test of time. Most houses were built around the 16th century and used pre-existing rock layers as building materials.
Buildings are absolutely unique in the world because they are below these rock formations, rather than letting any attempt to delete or modify them. They have been proven to be great fortifications during times of conflict.

There is a house in the village, apparently letting the rock form the roof of the house! Other houses have stone walls and even stairs: the original inhabitants created by the giants, and then built on the second floor above them. The walls of these houses maintain the shape of natural rock rather than changing them too much to accommodate a particular aesthetic. The warm terracotta tiles and brightly painted doors complement the gray-brown stone tones, and the Portuguese landscape is green, making the village more refined.

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