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The trend is always changing, the consumer’s preferences are always changing, the only constant is the change itself. However, there is a trend that has not faded, it is the Chinese style, Jay Chou’s “Blue and White Porcelain” even sings now It is still a long way to go, and the new Chinese trend derived from it is the darling of home in recent years. It seems to be a clear stream, but it can coexist with all major schools. Xiaobian refers to the calculation, your bathroom is poor. A new Chinese-style bathroom cabinet, pick up the Chaoyang bathroom.

Chaoyang YS3739 bathroom cabinet, the main body is made of red oak, with elegant and elegant Chinese style perfectly showing the new Chinese style, ethereal and elegant Do not lose the dignified atmosphere. With the traditional pane design as the design element of the product, it also contains the rich interior of “Xiaoxuan window, dressing up.” From simple to complex, from whole to partial, under the fine art, it is like a perfect artwork. The contour of the Founder is matched with the natural texture of the wood itself, giving a warm and natural feeling, elegant and solemn, showing the big temperament.

This is a connotation Bathroom cabinet

Chaoyang This new Chinese-style bathroom cabinet is ingeniously using modern craftsmanship while adhering to the essence of traditional Chinese culture. , boldly abandon the complexity of the texture and decoration, simplifying the line. On the one hand, the choice of product color considers the Chinese style color, on the other hand, considering the matching with the mainstream color of the current decoration, it is deeply loved by the young people and high-end people who love Chinese style at present, and is suitable for the spacious bathroom. In the scrubbing space, or in high-end areas such as luxury hotels and villas.

This bathroom cabinet is made of high-grade mahogany, which is full of heavy feeling and superior texture. Special processes in material cutting, polishing, polishing, paint The requirement, combined with the hard texture of the red oak, makes the cabinet less prone to water and corrosion, and is durable even in wet bathroom spaces.

ceramic台盆is 1250° high temperature firing Made up of unique embedded basin design, simple and artistic, easy to protect the cabinet while splash-proof, and also make you beautiful when you are groomingLife is simple and comfortable from then on.

At the same time, the natural gold silk jade surface is used, and the natural marble creates a natural atmosphere with its natural texture. This bathroom cabinet is equipped with sunrise bathroomthe original “Chinese side shape”, In combination with the design of the Chinese cabinet, the weight of the countertop is increased, which complements the thickness of the high-grade mahogany. It also increases the layering of the product. It also has the function of retaining the sink when used, effectively avoiding the direct flow of water from the countertop to the wood. On the cabinet, it plays a role in protecting the cabinet.

The engraving design of the pane on the door panel perfectly reflects the Chinese charm, while also incorporating modern production techniques, it adds a lot to this product.

You are only a distance from the storage cabinet for a small sun room

Fashionable and generous bath mirror selection, mirror imaging Clear and natural, let you wash in the morning as elegant as ever, and bloom naturally.

Chaoyang YS3739 bathroom cabinet Considers the aesthetic function of the cabinet, the storage function of the bathroom cabinet can not be ignored. In a symmetrical open double-spaced compartment, toiletries can be stored and have a well-organized bathroom space in minutes.

At the same time, the cabinet can also meet your storage needs, the cabinet is designed to have size The drawers and storage space, if the mirror cabinet can not accommodate large and high-priced daily necessities, you can put it in the main cabinet and drawers, forming a unique compartment for the ultimate storage, can properly store laundry detergent, cosmetics, shower gel, Toilet paper and other items. You are only a short distance from the storage of a small public pilgrimage bathroom cabinet.Move!

Excellent accessories are guaranteed

The only difference is that it is everywhere. The new Chinese-style bathroom cabinet from the famous Chaoyang is also intimate Consumers provide matching products, whether it is a water heater or a faucet from the high-quality series of Chaoyang, one-stop solution for your bathroom needs, truly to the human needs to the extreme.

Good horse with a good saddle, good cabinet with “copper”. Chaoyang’s hardware is made of all copper, ensuring that the products are durable and lasting.

Exquisite handle design, made of all-copper, compared with the alloy hardware on the market, the copper handle is higher grade, and the service life is longer, which complements the pane carving of the door panel. There is a light-locked window, even if there are no complicated decorations, it can make people fall in love at first sight.

The door hinge and hinge are also made of all-copper, with high quality and smooth opening and closing.

The gap between the cabinet feet and the ground is large, so that the storage drawers are kept at a certain distance from the ground, which can make the moisture of the ground volatilize, and at the same time, it is convenient for cleaning and refuses to hide dirt. In addition, the full copper feet under the cabinet feet are designed to prevent direct contact between the cabinet feet and the ground, preventing the oak cabinet feet from getting wet.

Edit Summary:

Sunrise The new Chinese-style bathroom cabinet, while adhering to the essence of Chinese traditional culture, cleverly uses modern production techniques, selects high-quality red oak, and combines ethereal and heavy. The countertop is equipped with high-grade imported marble, and also applies the “Chinese-style styling” created by Chaoyang Sanitary Ware. It complements the thickness of high-grade mahogany and can also function as a water-blocking tank to effectively protect the cabinet. All the copper handles, hinges and other accessories, so that the products are durable, the ultimate storage function, let you avatar storage small public, come to Chaoyang bathroom to pick up!

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