The kitchen electricity market refers to 100 billion yuan, and the brand upgrade detonates the “kitchen economy”

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The continuous growth of the electric economy has released an exciting signal to the industry. At this stage, the market situation seems to have a hope that the kitchen appliance industry will break through the 100 billion mark this year, and the future growth space is very broad. Faced with the advantages of technological innovation and consumption upgrades, companies should actively embrace transformation and achieve overtaking in corners.

It can be clearly felt that due to the controlled influence of real estate in the past two years, the overall trend of the home appliance market is sluggish and the growth rate is slowing down. However, the kitchen appliance industry is bucking the trend, and the market size is the first sword in 2017. Referring to 100 billion yuan, the development of the home appliance industry began to shift from the living room economy to the kitchen economy. Moreover, the technology and consumption upgrade track in the kitchen appliance market has been laid, can companies grasp the opportunity of overtaking in the corner?

According to the total data of Avi Cloud (AVC), 2017 In the year, the total number of household appliances in the kitchen reached 79.4 billion yuan, up 14.3% year-on-year. From 2012 to 2017, the retail sales of the Chinese kitchen appliance market increased by an average of 13.5% per year, and this year is expected to exceed the 100 billion mark. According to the data of China Kitchen Grid, as of December 31, 2017, the penetration rate of household appliances in China’s 100 households was only 44.5%. In terms of vertical development, the development potential of the kitchen and electric industry is still promising in the future.

In terms of horizontal comparison, what kind of realistic characteristics does the kitchen appliance market have under the impact of the scale of the 100 billion market?

Product Category: Multi-line, dishwasher In the main battlefield

In the kitchen space, all electrical products are accelerating into the ordinary family, and the market multi-category product line goes hand in hand. Zhongyikang data shows that in 2017, the traditional kitchen appliances category in China’s kitchen electricity market continued to grow steadily. The retail sales of range hoods, gas stoves and disinfection cabinets increased by 12.8%, 11.5% and 8.8% respectively; emerging categories also appeared. The growth of vitality, the embedded kitchen power market reached 6.57 billion yuan, an increase of 38.1%, the dishwasher market reached 4.33 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 119%.

Special emphasis is placed on the rapid emergence of new kitchen appliances represented by dishwashers. In the past three years, the Chinese dishwasher market has seen a rampant growth. According to statistics, the number of households in the dishwasher has increased from 0.285 in 2016 to 0.525 in 2017. Compared with the penetration rate of 0.8 units/household in refrigerators and color TVs in the same year, the penetration of the dishwasher market is huge. Become the main battlefield for the share of kitchen power companies.

On the one hand, the living standards of Chinese residents continue to increase, the demand for quality continues to grow, and the growth rate of emerging products that improve people’s quality of life and efficiency in kitchen appliances is much higher than that of traditional kitchen appliances; After the 85/90, the rise of emerging consumer groups, and the unprecedented quality experience brought about by the re-opening of kitchen appliances, has led to a slowdown in the growth of traditional kitchen appliances such as range hoods, disinfection cabinets and gas companies. As a product that liberates both hands, the machine is increasingly sought after by young people. In the past year, at least 70% of kitchen and electric power companies have entered the dishwasher market, and they have developed a deeper layout by releasing new products and pushing new strategies.

Although the domestic dishwasher market has maintained a rapid growth pattern, it should be noted that there are still many development problems in the dishwasher industry in China. For example, compared with the foreign kitchen environment, China’s kitchen space is small, oily and heavy, and the shape of the tableware is diverse, the population is different, and the kitchen with Chinese characteristics is different. The uniform standardization of the enterprise dishwasher is more difficult, and it is difficult to mass customization. Realization, the contradiction of reality is protruding. Moreover, the high price of the dishwasher market has made consumers discouraged, which is also the pain of sustainable development of this category.

Market competition: shuffling accelerates and concentration continues to increase

Based on the infinite market potential, more and more companies are joining the competition in the kitchen appliance market, except for the boss. Fang Tai, Shuaikang and other professional brands set off. In addition to the card position war, the comprehensive appliance giants, Haier, etc. are also gearing up, launching an offensive against the kitchen appliance market. Even Wanhe, which focuses on water heaters, also proposed in June last year. The Gemini strategy, driven by “hot water systems” and “kitchen appliances”, is making a big push into the kitchen power sector. The current Chinese kitchen appliance market has formed a competitive situation of “collectively coexisting.

Moreover, after more players enter the game, the competition in the kitchen appliance market is heating up rapidly, and the intensity can be imagined. Up to now, the kitchen appliance market is selling nearly 600 brands, but most of the market is occupied by several powerful brands. “The stronger and stronger dramas are being staged in the kitchen appliance market.

There are data showing that the online and offline brands of range hoods have changed from 262 and 200 in 2015 to 220 and 174 in 2016; the online and offline brands of gas stoves are from 311 in 2015. 215, 215 sharply reduced to 269 and 195 in 2016; the number of online and offline brands of disinfection cabinets decreased from 151 and 118 in 2015 to 143 and 123 in 2016, and industry reshuffle is intensifying.

In view of this, the Prospective Industry Research Institute believes that China’s kitchen electrical appliance industry has been improving for a long time, and it is possible to maintain the trend of reshuffle in the short term. Other experts have reminded that the future reshuffle of the kitchen and electric industry will accelerate and its popularity will be high. Brands with guaranteed quality will gain a larger market share, and the stock of small and small enterprises will be swallowed up by brand companies.

This means that kitchen appliances must maintain a high-speed growth, must be steady and steady, focus on technological product innovation and upgrading, in order to stand out in the fierce competition, this is undoubtedly a must in front of small enterprises with limited capabilities. Through the puzzle. Still, fierce competitionThe war will, to a greater extent, stimulate the further expansion of the domestic kitchen appliance market, especially the vast rural market, which will become the key to the future market share of enterprises.

Brand development: dramatic changes in the situation, focusing on high-end upgrades

Those who understand the kitchen appliance market will find that there have been some new changes in the kitchen appliance market compared to the past. The wide application of networking and intelligent technology puts forward higher requirements for the function, individualization and intelligent experience of kitchen appliances; on the other hand, the wave of consumption upgrades is deep, which makes consumers change from pursuing the practicality of products to pursuing The high-tech, high-quality new products, the industry situation is undergoing great changes.

In the face of technology and consumption upgrades, how to maintain stable growth has become a problem that kitchen appliances must consider at present. Many kitchen power giants are preempting the new track through high-end brand upgrades. At the end of March, Midea’s kitchen appliances released a white paper on the brand of food, which conveyed a new food culture and culinary concept. During AWE2018, Wanhe promoted innovative kitchen appliances into Chinese families and created a new generation of consumers. At the end of January, Shuaikang released a new LOGO and a brand new image, intending to seek new breakthroughs and changes through the brand renewal, and ……

At present, high-end kitchen appliances are increasingly being used by consumers. Accepted, big brands, products with good appearance and performance will become the first choice for consumers to choose to upgrade, most of the kitchen appliances to the high-priced products, high-end began to appear. Hongshi Bin, an appliance observer, also said that the current traditional home appliance enterprises and the entire Chinese manufacturing industry are facing a situation of shifting from the blue ocean to the Red Sea and seeking high-end breakthroughs. The biggest feature of high-end is innovation, because high-end means high-quality products and services and a tasteful lifestyle. If there is no innovation, it is impossible to have these, and it is impossible to create a high-end brand.

In the field of kitchen appliances, leading companies have been using innovation as a booster for brand high-end upgrades. Taking Shuaikang as an example, in the core technology research and development and product innovation, Shuaikang developed new products and projects in 2017. 110 items, 25 patent applications, 16 patents granted, including 5 invention patents; in high-quality products, Shuaikang sits on the wind cube hood, wind cube gas stove, turbocharged gas stove, integrated stove and other fine products. Among them, Shuaikangfeng cube hood has a number of core patented technologies. It adds a smart sunken smoking cavity to the original traditional hood top suction structure, which is closer to the source of smoke, smoking faster, and the series of twin-wing supercharged blades and Into the wind and other technologies, so that the machine has “power system, range hood suction up to 27m & sup3; / min, wind pressure up to 490pa, lower noise, and there are adaptive ventilation, smoke stove linkage, intelligent delay, 5S maintenance, etc.

It can be seen that the kitchen appliance market has evolved from simple cost-effectiveness in the past to brand, quality, product and other factors. Enterprises must adopt high-end, high value-added products by grasping the trend of consumption upgrading. Innovative high-tech technology, focusing on the high-end upgrade of the brand, can completely detonate the kitchen economy, which is what the existing companies are trying to explore.

In the next few years, the kitchen power market will still maintain rapid growth. Avi Cloud (AVC) predicts that the size of the kitchen appliance industry is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan in 2018. Under the general trend of rapid urban growth, the future growth of the kitchen appliance industry is very broad, and which enterprises will be “smart”.

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